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NCC Education has realised that today’s job market is looking for the individuals who can go to work the next day, not to wait and get six to twelve months of training at the expense of the employer.


Coppens Pasteur Ndayiragije
Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST)


I will like to use this opportunity to thank NCC Education for awarding one of our students a High Achiever Award. We are indeed proud to have produced this student and we hope to produce more high achieving students in future cycles.


Egerega Ese B, Deputy General Manager


There are many education centres in our area, all trying to attract the same students, but with NCC Education we attract more students than our competitors. This is because NCC Education qualifications are internationally recognised, teach the knowledge that students want to learn and develop the skills that employers want applicants to have.


Mr Sanjeev Kumar, Centre Principal
IPMC, Ghana