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Q. What should I do if I have failed an assessment?

Not receiving the mark you had hoped for can be a disheartening experience. There are many reasons why you may not have achieved what you had set out to but it is important to remember that help is at hand.

NCC Education provides all of our students the opportunity to re-sit their assessments. The rules and procedures do vary depending on which qualification you are studying, so the important thing to do is speak to your centre for more guidance on what your options are.

Sometimes students will only fail in a particular assessment (an exam or an assignment, for example) and if this is the case it may not be necessary for you to re-sit all the assessments for that particular module in order to pass. When this happens, your NCC Education centre will give you feedback to show which assessment you will need to re-sit.

All students are issued with an NCC Education results transcript that will show you all of the modules and assessments you have attempted and the grades you have achieved. These result slips are distributed through your centre and if you are unsure of what assessments you need to re-sit please speak to your centre and they will be able to help you

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