NCC Education has realised that today’s job market is looking for the individuals who can go to work the next day, not to wait and get six to twelve months of training at the expense of the employer.

Coppens Pasteur Ndayiragije, .
Kigali Institute of Science and Technology (KIST) .

There are many education centres in our area, all trying to attract the same students, but with NCC Education we attract more students than our competitors. This is because NCC Education qualifications are internationally recognised, teach the knowledge that students want to learn and develop the skills that employers want applicants to have.

Mr Sanjeev Kumar, Centre Principal.
IPMC, Ghana.


NCC Education have shown me the road to my fantastic career ambitions.

Joel Odartey Wellington, .

I chose the NCC Education qualification because of course content, teaching style and support from the centre. I am now confident on working to tight schedules to meet my deadlines, the assignments have helped me immensely.

Buddhi Tamang, .


Centre FAQs

Thinking about partnering with NCC Education? Find answers to our most frequently asked questions and queries.

>About us  

What is NCC Education?

NCC Education is a leading UK awarding body in IT and Business, providing assessment and certification through recognised British qualifications internationally.

Originally part of the National Computing Centre established in 1966 by the British Government we began by offering IT qualifications and have since developed high quality British and English certificates and programmes.


What does NCC Education do?

Our flexible approach to providing an international degree pathway allows students to enter or leave their degree journey at their own pace and receive a certificate for their achievements at each stage. We design qualifications to give students the academic knowledge and complementary practical skills to achieve their career aspirations.


Where are your centres?

Currently we have centres in over 49 countries across six continents. Our qualifications and programmes are available to all countries.

Follow this link to find an NCC Education centre


Where are you based?

Our head office is based in Manchester, United Kingdom.

We also have three regional offices located in:

  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia
  • Beijing, China

Who are you regulated by?

NCC Education is regulated in the UK by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual), the regulator of qualifications, examinations and assessments in England.


Do you have a campus?

No. NCC Education does not teach students. We have a network of centres teaching our qualifications worldwide.


Are you an agent?

No. NCC Education is a global awarding body and provider of quality British qualifications. Our centres are situated around the world and deliver our qualifications to their students.


Are you a university?

No. NCC Education works with university partners in the UK who offer top-up degrees either online or in-country for undergraduate and master's level awards.

>Delivering our programmes  

What qualifications do you offer?

NCC Education works in partnership with centres to offer a comprehensive portfolio of qualifications in Business and Information Technology, Computing and English Language. These are designed to meet the career needs of students from entry level through to degree and master’s level. For an overview visit our qualifications page.

Foundation (QCF Level 3)

Our foundation qualifications are designed to meet the needs of students looking to acquire the relevant skills and knowledge needed for further study via the NCC Education Degree Journey, or enhance their skills within the workplace and increase their career prospects.  The NCC Education foundation level qualifications have been designed to enable students to gain access to various undergraduate degrees at universities around the world.

Diploma (QCF Level 4)

Ideal for students seeking entry to year 2 of a UK undergraduate honours degree. NCC Education diploma qualifications in Business or IT are equivalent to year 1 of a three-year UK honours degree.

Advanced Diploma (QCF Level 5)

A progression from the NCC Education diploma level qualifications, aimed at students with previous IT and Business experience, who are seeking progression to the final year of a UK undergraduate honours degree.  The NCC Education advanced diploma programmes in Business or IT are equivalent to year 2 of a three-year UK honours degree.

Degree (QCF Level 6)

NCC Education degree qualifications are awarded by respected UK universities with which NCC Education has partnership agreements. Students are eligible to apply for direct entry onto degree programmes following the successful completion of the NCC Education advanced diploma programmes in Computing.

Postgraduate / Master's (Level 7)

Our postgraduate and master's level qualifications are designed for candidates seeking further Higher Education level study or for those pursuing senior management posts in the fields of Business or IT.  Our range of postgraduate and master's level qualifications are at Level 7 of the Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF). This is equivalent to Level 7 (previously Level ‘M’) of the framework for Higher Education Qualifications (FHEQ), which is used in UK universities. Each master’s qualification is awarded by a UK university.


What is the NCC Education Degree Journey?

The NCC Education degree journey consists of three individual qualifications:

  1. Level 4 Diploma in Business/ Computing/ Business IT
  2. Level 5 Diploma in Business/ Computing/ Business IT
  3. Degree top-up year with a choice of UK universities*

Each qualification leads directly to the next level. Upon completion of each qualification students receive a certificate stating that they have passed the qualification.  NCC Education qualifications are recognised by numerous universities worldwide and can be studied as part of a complete pathway, or as stand-alone qualifications.

A degree can be achieved within three years after starting a diploma in either Business/Computing or Business Information Technology.


*Students have the choice of studying either in their home country or in the UK.  Students who choose to study in-country can access top-up qualifications through their centre or via online learning.  Students who wish to apply to study in the UK will need to arrange a student visa.

Centres manage the complete life cycle of a student who embarks on the degree journey and by becoming accredited for qualifications and programmes at every level, provide their students with a complete education.



Can I deliver qualifications for students full-time and part-time?

NCC Education qualifications are extremely flexible and can be delivered either full-time or part-time, to fit in with the needs of centres and students.


How many teaching hours do I need to provide?

This will vary dependent on the Guided Learning Hours (GLH) which are associated with the qualification(s) you choose to teach. The GLH remain the same whether they are being taught full or part-time. Provided the GLH are adhered to we offer flexibility to centres to allow qualifications and programmes to be taught over alternative periods of time.


What does Guided Learning Hours (GLH) stand for?

Guided Learning Hours refer to contact teaching hours. They do not include private study or time spent taking an assessment. GLH provide a useful indication for teachers and learners of the size of the qualification.

To review the GLH which relate to each qualification and programme please refer to the individual qualifications specifications.


How much do your qualifications cost to deliver?

The costs will vary according to whether you choose Approved Centre status or Accredited Partner status. Our Business Development team will consult with your centre and create a bespoke offering to meet the needs of your centre and the market you work in. To make an enquiry simply complete an expression of interest form.



>Partnering with us  

What are the benefits of delivering NCC Education programmes?

The qualifications offer:

-       Flexibility: Learners study towards a degree at their own pace and receive a certificate for their achievements at each stage. Centre’s can choose to offer full-time or part-time study to best meet the needs of learners.

-       Quality: NCC Education is recognised by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) as an awarding body for British qualifications.

-       Value for money: NCC Education qualifications are an affordable option for learners and your centre has the ability to offer qualifications at a competitive price.

-       International learners: From start to finish our qualifications are tailored in every way to suit both UK and international learners to help them achieve and progress.

Strong progression routes: NCC Education works in partnership with a wide range of universities worldwide. We have strong relationships with over 50 universities across the UK, offering progression into a range of degree programmes.


What are the benefits of becoming an NCC Education Accredited Partner Centre?

NCC Education provides you with the complete education solution:

  • Full Qualification Specifications - regularly updated to include new technologies and associated business implications
  • All Core Training Materials - comprehensive materials to support both teachers and students
  • Support Resources - containing full academic, administrative, marketing and online registration guidelines
  • Assessments - set by NCC Education
  • Access to Campus - an online virtual learning environment, specifically designed for NCC Education students and Accredited Partner Centre teaching staff
  • Access to Connect - NCC Education's dedicated support system, exclusively for all centres,  enabling you to administer our programmes with confidence and ease
  • Marketing - advice with marketing and student support
  • Conference and Events - the opportunity to attend our regional and international conferences; an excellent networking and learning platform
  • Support Team - regional Business Development Managers, regional Academic and Centre Support.  NCC Education offers unrivalled ongoing support for all programmes, greatly reducing both preparation time and development costs, which enable you to successfully run internationally recognised Higher Education programmes to a superior standard.

What is the difference between an Approved Centre and an Accredited Partner Centre?

Approved Centre status allows centres to provide NCC Education qualifications without using NCC Education teaching and learning support. Accredited Partner Centre status provides an extensive range of teaching and learning materials and support to ensure qualifications are delivered in line with the specifications.


For a complete overview of the differences between Approved Centre status and Accredited Partner Centre status view the features and benefits in this comparison.



What is a Centre Approval or Centre Accreditation visit?

As a new centre your site may require an inspection visit.  The purpose of this visit is to ensure that you have all the necessary facilities and systems in place to deliver NCC Education qualifications. Following receipt of your application to become a centre, NCC Education will contact you to confirm if your centre is required to have a visit and we will arrange this accordingly.


How do I become a Centre?

To become an NCC Education Centre, all you have to do is follow our simple steps...


How long does the Approved Centre Status process take?

Not long at all. Normally within around two weeks you can expect your centre to receive Approved Centre status. Occasionally other factors may contribute to centres taking longer than this suggested timescale.


How long does the Accredited Partner Centre process take?

Our Academic Support Managers work closely with a Business Development Manager to ensure that the accreditation process runs smoothly. Generally, this process is completed within six weeks. Upon successful completion of your accreditation, you will be sent a welcome pack containing operational and marketing information. You will also receive exclusive access to online support systems and be assigned your own personal support team, including academic, marketing and customer service support.


To gain Approved Centre status what facilities do I need to provide students with?

To become an Approved Centre, you will be expected to provide the following facilities for your students, which can be found in our Approved Centre Facilities Requirements Policy.


To gain Accredited Partner Centre status what facilities does my centre require for students?

As part of the accreditation partner process, you will be expected to provide the following services for your students, which can be found within the Accredited Partner Centre Facilities Requirement Policy.


Can I seek government funding to deliver your programmes?

A Business Development Manager will be able to advise you on this once your interest in becoming a centre has been registered.


What academic support will I receive?

NCC Education offers different levels of support depending on your centre status. Approved Centres will receive basic guidance and all of the supporting material will be made available to you on the NCC Education website as well as via the Connect online web portal.

For Accredited Partner Centres the academic support available is greater.

You will be provided with a dedicated Academic Support Manager who will provide on-going academic assistance, advice and guidance that your centre may require. They will provide you with practical advice and training on delivery and assessment of qualifications offered by NCC Education.

Your Academic Support Manager will also act as your intermediary in the marking and moderation process. Specifically, the Academic Support Manager will monitor the moderation reports and performance of your centre.  She/he will also provide feedback for each assessment cycle.


What is Connect?

Connect is NCC Education's online web portal which is used by centres to perform administration tasks and register students/candidates.


What is Campus?

Campus is NCC Education's online virtual learning environment for students and Accredited Partner Centres, providing an exclusive area to share and access materials and information needed for study.


What materials will I receive?

All our centres receive supporting materials. Approved Centres will receive academic, administrative and marketing materials and support through our online web portal Connect. For Accredited Partner Centres upon accreditation, you will receive a full set of teaching and support materials, including:


  • Lecturer notes and study guide (printed and on disc)
  • Access to the Connect system, enabling you to administer NCC Education qualifications and programmes with confidence and ease
  • Access to Campus, NCC Education’s online virtual learning environment
  • Marketing materials



Do you offer online teaching and learning support?

Campus is an online learning environment, specifically designed for NCC Education students and teaching staff who have full Accredited Partner Centre status.  Please note Campus is not available to centres or students who are studying at an Approved Centre.

This online environment is for teachers and students and includes a wide range of support facilities including:

For Teachers:

  • Academic Handbooks
  • Module Lecturer Guides
  • Lecture Slides
  • Handouts
  • Booklists
  • Advice on plagiarism
  • Examination advice
  • Advisory material


For Students:

  • Past assessments
  • Study advice
  • Detailed qualification information
  • Module Student Guides
  • ezine - NCC Education's online student magazine
  • Careers Development
  • Online learning materials
  • Online resources, with a personal focus to help you succeed
  • Advice from dealing with exam stress to presentation skills
  • Share knowledge through a blog site to connect with other students worldwide
  • Guidance on all NCC Education policies, including help with avoiding plagiarism; how to appeal against a result; common exam vocabulary and much more ...

Once I become a centre, how do I register my students?

We have streamlined the student administration process to allow quick and easy registration of students in our dedicated partner portal, Connect.

Connect also allows you to:

  • Register and enrol your students for qualifications, assessments and resits
  • Review students' academic performance
  • Access marketing materials
  • Update your Centre's contact details
  • Run reports on your qualifications and student numbers
  • Access the latest news, announcements, events and updates
  • Find a step-by-step guide to running assessments and exams at your centre
  • Full guidelines are available to download to make it easy for you to register students

What student support services do you provide?

We have a customer services team to assist centres in supporting your students. The customer services team advise centres on how to answer certain student queries relating to qualifications, assessment cycles and the results process.  For Accredited Partner Centres we have an online virtual learning environment called ‘Campus’ which provides a range of support for students including:

  • Student Handbooks
  • Professional advice, hints and study tips
>University relationships  

Which universities recognise your programmes?

Over 50 universities worldwide accept NCC Education qualifications as entry onto their degree programmes.

Information on universities and the NCC Education qualifications they recognise can be found on our university recognition page.

Full listings of universities and qualifications are available in our university progression document.


Which universities do you have partnerships with?

NCC Education has collaborative partnerships with four UK universities:

  • University of Greenwich - awards BSc and BA programmes in Business and IT through NCC Education
  • UCLan (University of Central Lancashire) - validates and awards the BSc (Hons) Business Computing and Information Systems
  • University of Northampton - enables NCC Education Level 7 Diploma in Business Management (L7DBM) students to access a Master of Business Administration (MBA) top-up qualification, delivered online.

How do NCC Education qualifications compare with university degrees?

NCC Education qualifications are designed to provide the same educational value as a standard three year bachelor’s degree.  However, our qualifications are designed to allow students the flexibility to study for their bachelor’s degree in the way most suitable for them.  Unlike standard UK bachelor’s degrees we provide a stand-alone qualification and certificate at each stage of the degree journey. This offers students a fantastic level of flexibility with their studies.