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Q. What is the NCC Education Degree Journey?

The NCC Education degree journey consists of three individual qualifications:

  1. Level 4 Diploma in Business/ Computing/ Business IT
  2. Level 5 Diploma in Business/ Computing/ Business IT
  3. Degree top-up year with a choice of UK universities*

Each qualification leads directly to the next level. Upon completion of each qualification students receive a certificate stating that they have passed the qualification.  NCC Education qualifications are recognised by numerous universities worldwide and can be studied as part of a complete pathway, or as stand-alone qualifications.

A degree can be achieved within three years after starting a diploma in either Business/Computing or Business Information Technology.


*Students have the choice of studying either in their home country or in the UK.  Students who choose to study in-country can access top-up qualifications through their centre or via online learning.  Students who wish to apply to study in the UK will need to arrange a student visa.

Centres manage the complete life cycle of a student who embarks on the degree journey and by becoming accredited for qualifications and programmes at every level, provide their students with a complete education.


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