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What academic support will I receive?

NCC Education offers different levels of support depending on your centre status. Approved Centres will receive basic guidance and all of the supporting material will be made available to you on the NCC Education website as well as via the Connect online web portal.

For Accredited Partner Centres the academic support available is greater.

You will be provided with a dedicated Academic Support Manager who will provide on-going academic assistance, advice and guidance that your centre may require. They will provide you with practical advice and training on delivery and assessment of qualifications offered by NCC Education.

Your Academic Support Manager will also act as your intermediary in the marking and moderation process. Specifically, the Academic Support Manager will monitor the moderation reports and performance of your centre.  She/he will also provide feedback for each assessment cycle.

What is Connect?

Connect is NCC Education's online web portal which is used by centres to perform administration tasks and register students/candidates.

What is Campus?

Campus is NCC Education's online virtual learning environment for students and Accredited Partner Centres, providing an exclusive area to share and access materials and information needed for study.

What materials will I receive?

All our centres receive supporting materials. Approved Centres will receive academic, administrative and marketing materials and support through our online web portal Connect. For Accredited Partner Centres upon accreditation, you will receive a full set of teaching and support materials, including:


  • Lecturer notes and study guide (printed and on disc)
  • Access to the Connect system, enabling you to administer NCC Education qualifications and programmes with confidence and ease
  • Access to Campus, NCC Education’s online virtual learning environment
  • Marketing materials


Do you offer online teaching and learning support?

Campus is an online learning environment, specifically designed for NCC Education students and teaching staff who have full Accredited Partner Centre status.  Please note Campus is not available to centres or students who are studying at an Approved Centre.

This online environment is for teachers and students and includes a wide range of support facilities including:

For Teachers:

  • Academic Handbooks
  • Module Lecturer Guides
  • Lecture Slides
  • Handouts
  • Booklists
  • Advice on plagiarism
  • Examination advice
  • Advisory material


For Students:

  • Past assessments
  • Study advice
  • Detailed qualification information
  • Module Student Guides
  • ezine - NCC Education's online student magazine
  • Careers Development
  • Online learning materials
  • Online resources, with a personal focus to help you succeed
  • Advice from dealing with exam stress to presentation skills
  • Share knowledge through a blog site to connect with other students worldwide
  • Guidance on all NCC Education policies, including help with avoiding plagiarism; how to appeal against a result; common exam vocabulary and much more ...

Once I become a centre, how do I register my students?

We have streamlined the student administration process to allow quick and easy registration of students in our dedicated partner portal, Connect.

Connect also allows you to:

  • Register and enrol your students for qualifications, assessments and resits
  • Review students' academic performance
  • Access marketing materials
  • Update your Centre's contact details
  • Run reports on your qualifications and student numbers
  • Access the latest news, announcements, events and updates
  • Find a step-by-step guide to running assessments and exams at your centre
  • Full guidelines are available to download to make it easy for you to register students

What student support services do you provide?

We have a customer services team to assist centres in supporting your students. The customer services team advise centres on how to answer certain student queries relating to qualifications, assessment cycles and the results process.  For Accredited Partner Centres we have an online virtual learning environment called ‘Campus’ which provides a range of support for students including:

  • Student Handbooks
  • Professional advice, hints and study tips

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