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Refers to a candidate who does not attend a timetabled Global or Local examination. Absent candidates will be awarded a mark of zero for that examination. This also applies when a candidate fails to submit an Assignment on time.

Accredited Partner Centre

A centre that has been accredited to use Programme teaching and learning resources for given qualification(s) together with marketing materials.

Advanced Standing

This refers to an agreement with a university that allows NCC Education candidates to enter Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees with credit, for example: an NCC Education candidate who holds a Level 4 Diploma in Business can enter onto year 2 of a relevant Bachelor’s degree.


A change made to a candidate’s enrolment record.

Approved Centre

A centre that has been approved to administer NCC EDUCATION assessments and qualification(s).


Global Assignment, Local Examination, Global Examination, Group Assignment and associated Marking Scheme.

Assessment Cycle

The window in which unit assessments are to be completed by candidates.


A project or extended study undertaken as a component for certain qualifications. An Assignment must be completed by a set closing date.


Campus is NCC Education's online learning environment for students and Accredited Parnter Centres, providing an exclusive area to share and access materials and information needed for study.


Any student entered for an assessment.

Candidate Fee

The price for each candidate registration.

Candidate Summary

A report, available to Centres via Connect, which provides a candidate’s unit and credit status together with summary totals.


A school, college or other organisation that has been approved to offer NCC EDUCATION qualifications.

Centre Co-ordinator

A member of staff at a Centre responsible for the day to day running of NCC EDUCATION qualifications and administering assessments.


1) The official document produced when a qualification award is achieved by earning the minimum pass grade or above.

2) A qualification in the QCF with 13 to 36 credits.


The process of awarding a qualification for a completed specification.


The constituent assessment(s) making up a unit. Some units will have one component (e.g. an Assignment) others will have multiple components (e.g. a Global Examination and an Assignment).


Connect is NCC Education's online web portal which is used by centres to administer students/candidates


A unit of assessment in a QCF qualification has a credit value when the unit is successfully completed. The credit value also gives an indication of how long it will normally take a candidate to prepare for the unit.


A qualification in the QCF with at least 37 credits.

The Level 4 Diploma makes up the first year of the NCC Education degree journey. The programme is equivalent to the first year of a degree programme in the UK university system.

The Level 5 Diploma makes up the second year of the NCC Education degree journey with the programme equivalent to the second year of a degree programme in the UK university system.

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