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The Qualifications and Credit Framework, Ofqual regulate qualifications that use the rules of the QCF.


A product that:

Gives a reliable indication of an individual’s knowledge, skills and understanding;

Is awarded only to a candidate who has demonstrated a specified level of attainment across all components.

Recognised for Entry

This refers to an agreement with a university that allows NCC Education candidates with qualifications such as the International Foundation Year (IFY) or Pre-Master’s entry onto year 1 of a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, as the NCC Education qualification satisfies the university entry requirements.


A person registered for study on an NCC Education qualification.


A candidate’s second or third attempt to pass a given assessment. A resit fee is involved in this process.


A recommended adjustment to candidate marks for a unit or module.


A question paper/answer book completed in an examination.


An academic half-year term. Generally programmes run over one or two semesters.


A process that ensures assessments are marked globally to the same standard across centres, examiners and moderators.

Special Consideration

A Special Consideration is a pre or post assessment adjustment applied to a candidate and is requested by a centre administrator. A pre assessment adjustment is for a candidate with a particular requirement to ensure the candidate is not disadvantaged in assessments e.g. a student with impaired sight can have a question paper in enlarged font or a reader. Guidance is provided to centres on the permissible pre assessment special considerations NCC EDUCATION will provide/approve.

A post assessment special consideration is an adjustment to the mark of a candidate, who was temporarily ill, injured or indisposed at the time of assessment.


The document available to centres describing the subject content, assessment modules/units, grade descriptors and learning outcomes.

Statement of Results

A statement of results provided on the published results release date.


Any person studying an NCC Education qualification.


NCC EDUCATION, in collaboration with a number of university partners in the UK, provides progression routes to Business and IT Bachelors (Honours) and master’s degrees which interconnect with our suite of Level 5 qualifications through a ‘Top-Up’ 3rd year delivered either online or as a franchised face to face taught programme.


A breakdown, by candidate, of all unit grades associated with a given qualification and issued with the Certificate.


A person preparing a candidate for an assessment in an Accredited Partner Centre using Programme teaching and learning resources.

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