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Q. How long does will it take me to complete my qualification?

This can vary; the majority of students take one year to complete most of our qualifications (based on full-time learning). Students aiming to achieve a degree, for example, will typically (depending on their existing qualifications) begin their education at Level 4 (Diploma Level) and then spend three years studying for their degree qualification. At the end of this journey you will then be awarded your degree directly from the awarding UK University that validates your course.


Students may also study part time, which enables our students to be employed whilst they study. Please contact your NCC Education centre to discuss the options available to you. They will have more detailed information on how the course is run including timetables and time scales etc.


One of the key benefits of studying an NCC Education qualification is that we will award our students with an individual and recognised qualification at the end of each year (our Level 4 and Level 5 Diplomas, for example). This is unlike students who study directly at a UK university who typically must complete the full three years before they can achieve a qualification.

The benefit of this is that our students can choose to enter into employment at any stage using their qualifications gained at NCC Education and can then choose to return at a later date to continue with their education.

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