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> 3. Universities and studying overseas.

How to apply to study directly at a UK University?

If you currently hold an NCC Education qualification and wish to study at a UK university please contact the University you wish to apply to confirm their Admissions policy.

Can I transfer to a different NCC Education centre in another country to complete my studies?

Yes you can. Many of our students find that this is great way to travel and see the world whilst they learn. To do this, you must contact the centre you wish to join for more information. They will then contact NCC Education on your behalf and all of your results will be carried over to your new centre. We have more than 200 centres worldwide so there are lots of choices available.

I am NCC Education graduate and I am interested in completing my studies directly at a university is this possible?

Absolutely, we have university progression routes in place with institutions from all over the world. Many of our students have studied with NCC Education and then progressed onto universities from as far afield as the US, the UK and Australia (click here to see a list of just a few of these universities. This means that our students can complete their first few years with NCC Education and then progress directly onto the university of their choice to complete their final year and be awarded with a degree directly from that university.

Remember, universities have different admission policies and entry criteria so it is important to contact them directly for more information on how to apply.

Will I need a visa in order to study in another country?

Yes you will. All students must have the relevant permits and approval to study in another country; it is the responsibility of the student to arrange their visas/permits. You will need to contact the relevant government department for the country in which you wish to study for more information about applying for the necessary documentation.

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