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> 5. Assessments and Results

What happens if I miss an exam?

If you miss an exam through no fault of your own (for example, you are ill) and the absence can be verified by evidence (a doctor’s note, for example), then you should inform your NCC Education centre as soon as possible. Normally, NCC Education will then allow you to take the missing exam as a ‘deferred’ exam.

However, if you miss an exam through avoidable circumstances (for example, forgetting to set your alarm clock, or if you simply choose not to attend). You will need to retake the exam as a referred exam and the result will be capped at a maximum of a Pass grade.

What is the pass rate for assessments?

Assessments are awarded at four grades: Fail, Pass, Merit and Distinction.

When will my results be released?

NCC Education releases assessments results as per the advertised deadlines which are available at your NCC Education Centre. All results will be sent directly to your NCC Education centre for distribution.

Where can I find out my exam results?

Your exam results will be sent directly to your NCC Education centre to issue to you.

Where can I find out more about assessment methods?

Your NCC Education centre will provide you with all the information relating to examinations and assessments. If you have a query, please contact your centre directly and they will be able to offer help and guidance.

What happens if I fail one of my modules?

The important thing is not to panic. NCC Education provides all of our students the opportunity to re-sit their assessments. The rules and procedures do vary depending on which qualification you are studying, so the important thing to do is speak to your centre for more guidance on what your options are.

Sometimes students will only fail in a particular assessment (an exam or an assignment, for example) and if this is the case it may not be necessary for you to re-sit all the assessments for that particular module in order to pass. When this happens, your NCC Education centre will give you feedback to show which assessment you will need to re-sit.

All students are issued with an NCC Education results transcript that will show you all of the modules and assessments you have attempted and the grades you have achieved. These result slips are distributed through your centre and if you are unsure of what assessments you need to re-sit please speak to your centre and they will be able to help you.

Can I appeal about my results?

Yes, if you want to make an appeal please contact your NCC Education centre directly.  There is a four week period for you to appeal after receipt of your results; your centre will inform you of the process and of the payment required.

How are the qualifications taught and assessed?

All our qualifications are taught in English through either part-time or full-time study and consist of teaching semesters plus revision time in preparation for the formal NCC Education assessments. Your centre will provide you with a combination of lectures, tutorials, practical workshops and revision sessions throughout the course of study. You can progress all the way through our qualifications from entry level through to degree and Master’s qualifications.

You will be assessed, in English, through a combination of coursework, exams and practical projects depending on the qualification you are studying.

Our qualifications are designed with flexibility in mind, this means you can progress up to the level you wish and are awarded a qualification at the end of every level. This means you can choose to enter into employment at any stage using your qualifications gained at NCC Education and even choose to return later on to continue with your education.

When are the assessments held?

NCC Education typically holds four assessment cycles throughout the year; March, June, September and December. The assessment cycles you are enrolled in will vary depending on which qualification you are studying, which centre you are studying at and when you enrolled upon the course.

For a breakdown of all your upcoming examinations and assessment cycles please contact your NCC Education centre.

How do I register to re-sit an assessment?

Please contact your centre directly, as this request and your payment must come directly from the centre and not individual students.

Your centre will let you know the dates and times of your re-sits.

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