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You acquire an internationally recognized degree and at the end you are eligible for positions such as a manager for international companies.

Daniel, Bachelor's Student

The AFUM teachers are very nice and helpful

Timo, Bachelor's Student

We have the possibility to study in Germany and get a degree from a British University

Louna, Master's Student

Akademie Für Unternehmensmanagement

AFUM logoAs globalisation and internationalisation are central keywords of today's business world, AFUM wants to qualify its students for special and challenging positions in international management. The central idea is that successful management and success in management are causally accompanied by relevant specialised knowledge, live decision-making and responsibility competence and by internalised moral concepts.

Therefore, AFUM offers international oriented study programmes on undergraduate and postgraduate level which lead to internationally accepted degrees in cooperation with international Higher Education Partners from Germany, France, USA and the UK.

AFUM is set up in Germany, in the densely populated state of North-Rhine Westphalia, in the Rhineland area between the cities of Düsseldorf and Cologne, and offers Bachelor's and Master's courses in the fields of Business Administration and Business Informatics.

Qualifications Offered

The following qualifications are currently available at Akademie Für Unternehmensmanagement:


The AFUM building accommodates a number of lecturing facilities including twelve lecture rooms. Each lecture room has space for approximately 25 students which means that students learn at AFUM in small groups. In order to facilitate today's teaching methods all lecture rooms are "multimedia-ready", fitted with white boards and projectors, all connected to the AFUM network and wireless internet.

In addition, the building comprises a self-learn centre with computer places. To prepare presentations, smaller student groups will find rooms with approximately 10 places. A student apartment house is available for students nearby the campus.

Awards & Recognition

AFUM has been an NCC Education Accredited Partner Centre since 2009.

Further Information

Students can decide between flexible study options:

Full-time students start in October (winter term) and April (summer term) with a three month lecture block. This is followed by another three month block which enables the students to gain practical work experience with company internships.

Part-time students are able to work full-time and to study in their leisure time at weekends.


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