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Bioterra University Bucharest

Strada Garlei, Nr. 81, Sector 1, Bucharest, ROMANIA. View Map

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Bioterra University's mission is to be a global leader in the assessment and certification of recognised quality qualification and programmes, as well as improving all candidates' future prospects and opportunities by providing British qualifications that are widely recognised and valued.

As an institution of higher education, Bioterra University is open to all Romanian and foreign citizens, under graduation preliminary studies concluded with baccalaureate and entrance exam. The education process is usually conducted in Romanian, with the possibility of organising training courses or cycles (partial or total) in national minority languages or international languages.

Bioterra University has many academic and scientific co-operation relations with universities in Europe, Africa and Asia consisting in partnerships on joint achievement of scientific projects, as well as exploitation of research through internal and international publications where they can present the results of studies and research of high scientific implications in all areas of life.

The university evolves based on strategic management and annual operational plans of development, developed by special committees of the Senate and bodies analysing and forecasting by type of study, majors and research units.

Qualifications Offered

The following qualifications are currently available at Bioterra University Bucharest:


  • Library
  • Conference / boardroom with audio-visual equipment including projectors, screens, flipcharts and a sound system.
  • Computer / Internet facilities
  • Technology laboratory - contains at least one computer, connected to an overhead projector, and in most rooms there are interactive learning and white boards, as well as printing and photocopying facilities at all campuses
  • E-Learning classroom - rooms suitable for small tutorials or workshops, as well as good-sized classrooms. The university takes care not to overcrowd classes to ensure that every student receives quality support and attention from the lecturers.
  • Student campus
  • Restaurant
  • Fitness centre

Awards & Recognition

RENAR accredited laboratory

Physic-Chemical Testing Laboratory of the BIOTERRA University BUCHAREST works as a laboratory in the field of control of animal products, non-animal, and some food, as well as technical support for educational activity.

Physic-Chemical Testing Laboratory is certified by the National Sanitary VETRERINARA and food safety.

Physic-Chemical Testing Laboratory authorised by the Accreditation Association ROMANIA - RENAR.

Scientific recognition at national and international level. The results obtained in research from the University of Bucharest Bioterra is proved by the large number of patents, awards and other prizes that members of our research teams have acquired over the years.

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