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Cabo da Roca International English School

Rua Jose Florindo 44b, 2750-400, Cascais, PORTUGAL. View Map

00351 215 837 282

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Cabo da Roca International English School is committed to wanting nothing but the best for its students.

CIES' mission is to contribute to the needs of a diverse local and international learning community through excellence in teaching and support, enabling students to achieve their individual aims. CIES considers itself an outstanding Higher Education establishment within the private institute sector in Lisbon, Portugal. CIES is continually expanding and improving provision for its diverse student body. Growth through an improved academic course portfolio and partnerships with awarding bodies and universities contributes to add value for CIES learners.

CIES’ core values:

Quality: Quality academics, teaching, support, courses and experience.

Value: You will value your experience at CIES, receive value for money, and find you have certainly achieved something valuable.

Respect: CIES evaluates, respects and meets the diverse needs of both learners and staff.

Support: CIES believes in the importance of individual development needs and support each individual accordingly to achieve their full potential

Qualifications Offered

The following qualifications are currently available at Cabo da Roca International English School:


Classroom/multimedia room: CIES has a variety of lecture rooms and all are equipped with SMART TVs, digital projectors, desktop computers and whiteboards.

IT lab: You will enjoy open access to a large number of workstations in two computer laboratories linked to the Internet and electronic mail services. The workstations can be used for a number of local applications and discipline-related activities.

Library: The library is a major feature of the college providing access to a wide range of books, journals, newspapers, slides and electronic resources supporting specific courses. The reserves section will be of particular interest as it contains key books and selected reading material which will be required reading for your course units.

Awards & Recognition

Further Information

Cabo da Roca International English School is situated in the capital city of Lisbon. Portugal is the westernmost country of Europe and has a lot to offer in terms of culture, heritage, weather, food, festivals, sandy and sunny beaches, and of course, very friendly and hospitable people. Everyone is welcomed with open arms at CIES, with the School specialising in providing high-standard British Qualifications using English as a medium of instructions.