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I loved what I studied and where I studied it. ESEI gave me a practical and “hands on” perspective of business. During and after my studies, I have always tried to focus on the entertainment/audiovisual area. As a result, I have become a film director and I have already directed two short films.

Mauricio Albin, Mexico

Small class sizes mean your professors know you by name and forms the essence of the university. As a member of the student council I participated in organising social events such as the Valentine’s Flower Sale, the traditional annual Christmas Dinner, and many of the other extracurricular events that made my time at ESEI so enjoyable. Last but not least, there is Barcelona itself – a city that offers everything from a beach to museums, concerts, and a great nightlife. I continue to have fond memories of my time at ESEI.

Hanne M., Germany

After ESEI, I moved to Madrid to study an MBA. I have committed myself to launching new business initiatives: internet portals, smartphone applications etc. Undoubtedly, my ESEI experience was a milestone in my career path.

Bartolomé Olivares, Spain


ESEI International Business School Barcelona

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For the last 26 years, ESEI has provided a customised education of outstanding undergraduate, postgraduate, executive and language programmes which are up-to-speed with global market trends. Pioneers in studies taught entirely in English and with the British degree awarded in Barcelona, ESEI Business School has been driven by its passion for providing an all-round, internationally-focused education that combines academic excellence in Business Studies, with humanistic values to develop the character of its students.

Prospective students can be confident that, should they wish to work while they are completing a course of studies at ESEI's campus, the School will find them the best possible internship and have the broadest possible range of contacts to accommodate the many different interests and talents of the diverse student body.

Founded in 1989, ESEI Barcelona provides a customised education that values each student’s past, present and future by providing the best, most innovative and most appropriate tools to develop their talents and enhance their performance in an international working environment.

The objective is to inculcate professional and personal integrity in students; students who will one day engage their expertise in building a better society that will enable them to successfully lead a full and meaningful life.

Qualifications Offered

The following qualifications are currently available at ESEI International Business School Barcelona:


ESEI International Business School Barcelona is located in one of, if not the most, exclusive and sought-after residential neighbourhoods in Barcelona.  Quiet, peaceful and safe, it borders the beautiful Monasterio de Pedralbes on one side, and the Parque de L’Oreneta on the other, where students can go hiking or running or even enjoy a picnic in the sun. Just a five-minute walk from the campus is a subsidised gym with special prices for ESEI students. The gym has paddle tennis courts, an indoor climbing wall, swimming pool etc. Also a short walk from the campus are many of Barcelona's best fashion boutiques, cafés, restaurants and bars.

The campus itself is housed in what was once a rather large, private mansion with a 600-square-metre garden where students host parties, barbecues and, occasionally, are lucky enough to have class outdoors in the sun.

ESEI Business School has wireless Internet throughout the entire campus, student study rooms, computer lab, photocopy machine, printers and vending machines with snacks and drinks. The School has four floors, seven classrooms, all fitted with the latest audiovisual equipment in order to make professor and student presentations as dynamic and real-to-life as possible.

Electronic whiteboards allow faculty and students to write directly on the board with special markers, tap the screen to switch to a new slide in a PowerPoint or keynote presentation, and have full access to the Internet for streaming videos and music.

Awards & Recognition

NCC Higher Local Achiever Award

NCC Higher Global Achiever Award

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