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It only took me one year to finish my Level 7 Diploma in Business at New Zealand College of Business. NZCB has given me full support in pursuing my dream to study a Master’s at University. This is a great opportunity for NZCB level 7 graduates.

Cao Yu Hang, Former NZCB Student

I finished my Level 7 Diploma in Business at New Zealand College of Business, and I am now working in Christchurch. Whilst I was studying at New Zealand College of Business I experienced an excellent, friendly learning environment. As a student, I not only learnt theoretical knowledge and practical skills but also skills related with job hunting and job applications. The College has provided me with skills which are transferable to the workplace.

Daisuke Nezu, Former NZCB Student

I believe choosing to attend NZCB is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I decided that I wanted something better for myself, and so I chose to study two years at NZCB towards a Diploma in Business Administration at level 6 and level 7. Having graduated at NZCB, I have now found myself a job at managerial level which I really feel happy about.

Kim Jinbae, Former NZCB Student

New Zealand College of Business

NZCB logoNew Zealand College of Business (NZCB) is an established, first-class educational institution with campuses in both Auckland and Christchurch.

Our Auckland campus is located inside the UNITEC Mt Albert campus. It is nicely positioned on a beautiful 55-hectare oasis of trees, lawns and gardens, and it is just ten minutes from Auckland's Central Business District. We have full campus facilities in our Auckland campus to enhance student life ranging from spacious learning areas to advanced teaching equipment and computer labs.

NZCB provides students with high standard Business Administration courses, from Level 4 through to Level 7. NZCB's Business Administration courses provide excellent pathways for students who intend to continue their tertiary education with a respected university. More than 50% of our graduates further their studies in universities.

NZCB has formally established academic cooperation relationships with University of Canterbury, Lincoln University, UNITEC Institute of Technology and Christchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology (CPIT). Our graduates can advance to these tertiary institutions with credits transferred. NZCB has also formally established cooperation relationships with various overseas universities. This is particularly important for international students, because it has developed education opportunities for the students and also provides them with a bright career pathway.

Download the NZCB Brochure for more details.

Qualifications Offered

The following qualifications are currently available at New Zealand College of Business:


New Zealand College of Business (NZCB) offers students various facilities and resources, and all lecture rooms are comfortable and fully equipped to suit the needs of students and staff. The following equipment will be provided for students:

  • Computers with relevant software for research, email, and Internet facilities.
  • Library with additional reference texts
  • Study/computer area
  • Audio visual equipment
  • Fully equipped student cafeteria
  • Student lounge and relaxation area.
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Fully equipped classroom


Library Facilities:

NZCB is equipped with a library where a good collection of additional reference texts are available for students to use. Additionally, NZCB also helps its students to apply for a University of Canterbury library card and external library membership which gives students access to over 1.8 million items including books, reference collections, journals, newspapers, CDs, DVDs, Videos and other resources. The external membership charges will be paid by NZCB.

Libraries and Computing Labs at Unitec:

There are four libraries across Unitec campuses. There are also plenty of computing labs you can use with free wireless access on computers. The libraries have bookable study rooms for group study.

Sport and Fitness:

The Sport Centre offers excellent training facilities for all ages and fitness levels. You can play squash at the National Squash Centre, choose a yoga or pilates fitness class or use the weight room cardio area.

Awards & Recognition

New Zealand College of Business is approved and recognised by both New Zealand Ministry of Education and the New Zealand Qualification Authority (NZQA).

NZCB is also recognised by the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in New Zealand.

Further Information

10 Reasons to study at New Zealand College of Business:

1. International Education

Students and staff come from all over the world to study and teach at NZCB. Our programs are focused on the global marketplace and many of our students find work offshore after graduation.

2. Smaller Classes

Our dedicated teaching staff enjoy personal contact with students and class numbers are kept low to maintain quality standards. Typically there are less than 30 students in every class. As a result, our students receive more personal attention and are more able to maximise their potential at NZCB.

3. Nurturing and Support

Due to the smaller class sizes, our lecturers have the time to get to know students' personal study needs and help you set realistic targets. English language tutorials and support programmes are available for students who do not have English as their first language.

4. Fast-track Programmes

The course has multiple entry points system; it allows students to fast-track programmes. Dedicated students can complete a certificate or diploma in a shorter time than at most traditional institutions.

5. Flexibility of Entry

Students may enter the course at the commencement of each module/paper every two months. Students with no IELTS result can sit an NZCB Entry test.

6. Credit Transfer

Students applying to NZCB from other institutions may apply for credit transfers once they have arrived to begin their studies. NZCB has formally established co-operative relationship and signed agreements regarding credit transfer with University of Canterbury, Lincoln University, CPIT and UNITEC.

7. Orientation Programme

Orientation programmes will be arranged for new students to help them to settle in New Zealand.

8. Experienced tutors

All the lecturers at the College are highly qualified and trained professionals. Most lecturers hold master degree or higher qualifications. Our lecturers have wide experience in teaching students from all over the world.

9. Excellent facilities

Our campuses are modern, well-equipped and provide a range of student facilities. These include library, kitchen for students, computer rooms for e-mail, internet and air-conditioned classrooms.

10. Plan your future

Our professional advisers can help you to plan what to do after finishing your studies at NZCB. Students can choose to further your studies or get a rewarding job in your chosen profession.


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