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Pentagono Perdizes and Pentagono Morumbi

Morumbi Campus,, Unidade Morumbi, Rua Nelson Gama De Oliveira, Morumbi, Sao Paulo, 1244, BRAZIL. View Map

0055 11 3874 6233

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Nancy Izzo dreamed of a school which led children to think and build; to have their own autonomy. A school which could discover its students needs and wishes.  In 1971, Nancy Izzo, now in partnership with her two sisters, opened up Colégio Pentágono with 22 students next to PUC (Catholic University of São Paulo) to meet the needs of the university professors' children.

The school's initial values were To Form, To Inform, To Raise Awareness, To Accomplish and To Set Free. Colégio Pentágono has been acknowledged as one that educates towards freedom, responsibility and independence. The school's desire to expand its size and pedagogical work saw Pentágono arrive in another city.

In the 1980s the school created Computer Labs and a  Recreation and Sport Centre while in 1997 Alphaville campus was inaugurated.  In 2008 the school partnered with Texas Tech University.

In these 40 years the passion for education and excellence is shown in every one that made this school's history and present. Today the schools five pillars are: Academic Excellence, Open Dialog with Families, Developing World Citizens, Comprehensive Education and having a Pleasurable Learning Environment.

Qualifications Offered

The following qualifications are currently available at Pentagono Perdizes and Pentagono Morumbi:


All the school's classrooms are equiped with computers, projectors and air conditioners. Also, iPads are available for all the students, computer labs, libraries and a Educational Technology department available to help teachers make the most of all the resources.


In their Centres sports facilites are also available (courts, swimming pool, martial arts classes) as well as ballet and dance classes. They have a main restaurant at each Centre and there are also cafes with a great number of options of snacks and drinks.

Awards & Recognition

Agreement with Texas Tech University

Morumbi Net Award as best school in the region

Further Information

Colégio Pentágono have various study options such as

  • various sports classes to choose from
  • international programmes as IFY by NCC Education
  • the American High School programme by Texas Tech University
  • and our immersion programme in English for younger learners called learn&play.