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Spotlight On... Daffodil Institute of IT, Bangladesh

Spotlight On... Daffodil Institute of IT, Bangladesh

29 February, 2012

NCC Education would like to take the opportunity to shine the spotlight on Daffodil Institute of IT (DIIT), one of NCC Education’s longstanding Accredited Partner Centres in Bangladesh. NCC Education has enjoyed a successful partnership with DIIT, in which they have consistently excelled, for almost 15 years.

The Bangladesh-based centre currently has more than 400 students, who have access to popular NCC Education programmes, including the International Foundation Year (IFY) programme, the International Diploma in Computer Studies (IDCS) and the International Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies (IADCS).

For more than a decade the centre has successfully focused on students' satisfaction and career progression. They offer scholarships for prospective and meritorious students so they are given the chance to concentrate on their education only and achieve excellent results. DIIT also arrange various types of training for faculty members in order to ensure quality is maintained and teaching is efficient and relevant. DIIT also pride themselves on never compromising on its standard. They stringently follow standard procedures for tracking students' progress and teachers' efficiency.

"The partnership with NCC Education is very successful," said Shamsuddin Ahammad, Course Coordinator at Daffodil Institute of IT. "NCC Education is the bridge for us to build successful networks with the UK universities as well as other universities worldwide. From this valuable network of universities our students have got opportunities for higher education and our teachers have the opportunity to build networks with the professionals of the UK universities and other international organisations.

"The high quality NCC Education programmes have made our students highly qualified for the IT industry. Many NCC Education-DIIT graduates are working in many renowned international and local organisations with a very good reputation."

DIIT also successfully utilises many marketing platforms to advertise the centre and the programmes on offer. They regularly publish advertisements in national newspapers and magazines. The centre also successfully organises various types of seminars for prospective students about career development and much more.

The centre has substantial plans for the future and is set to increase student numbers by opening their own campus soon and widening the qualifications on offer.

"Daffodil Institute of IT is an exceptional centre and students are very happy with the centre and NCC Education," said Nayel Chowdhury, NCC Education Business Development Manager. "Students mentioned that the centre is the best place to study a British course at affordable prices in their home country. I believe that DIIT will continue to create a good and prosperous market for NCC Education and thereby provide high-quality students."

For more information on Daffodil Institute of IT please click here.


  • Campus equipped with Wifi
  • Extensive library facilities
  • IT labs with Internet facilities
  • Facilities for indoor games
  • Co-curricular and extracurricular activities around the year


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