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Kenyan Students Celebrate at Prestigious Graduation Ceremony

Kenyan Students Celebrate at Prestigious Graduation Ceremony

2 April, 2012

Students were honoured at Computer Pride’s prestigious graduation ceremony

NCC Education’s longstanding Accredited Partner Centre, Computer Pride, recently held a prestigious graduation ceremony where students were awarded accolades for completing their studies and for their hard work and ongoing dedication.

The event was held at the impressive Kenyatta International Conference Centre based in Nairobi on the 9th March 2012. NCC Education students were congratulated for completing their studies in IADCS (International Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies) and IDCS (International Diploma in Computer Studies) in front of more than 200 proud family, friends and NCC Education staff, including Business Development Manager, Marcelle du Rand.

Twelve exceptional students were also presented with the NCC Education Roll of Honour and Regional High Achiever award for all their hard work throughout their studies.

"Graduations are an excellent time for Computer Pride to bring together students, parents and partners to share in the joy of our students' success," said Mustafa Abdullabhai, Managing Director, Computer Pride.  "It gives us great pride and it helps us remember our efforts and contributions we make year after year. It is a time to demonstrate our relationship with our partners and show to the students and parents that the certification they hold is of great value. It is a ceremony that marks a milestone in every student's life and it's a memorable event of joy and happiness."

"Once again, the Computer Pride graduation was a wonderful event acknowledging both staff and student achievement," said NCC Education's Business Development Manager, Marcelle du Rand. "It is very clear that Mr Abdullabhai creates a focused learning and nurturing environment at Computer Pride that brings out the best in both his staff and his students. The graduation marked the end of one chapter, but the start of another, which will now be full of hope and ambition for the future."

Computer Pride has been an NCC Education Accredited Partner Centre for almost a decade. The joint collaboration strives to provide a broad range of computer skills taught face-to-face, covering all necessary aspects making sure all students are fully prepared and equipped to progress into relevant employment.

For more information on the centre and the NCC Education programmes, please visit the Computer Pride website.


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