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IPMC Students Empowered to Succeed in a Changing World

IPMC Students Empowered to Succeed in a Changing World

26 April, 2012

IPMC students gathered at the ceremony

NCC Education’s longstanding Accredited Partner Centre, IPMC recently graduated 345 students from various IT and Business programmes on the theme – ‘Empowering the Youth to Succeed in the Changing World’.

Mr. Amardeep Hari, CEO of IPMC, and Ms. Vimala Choudary, Head of Training of IPMC, hosted the  Minister of Employment and Social Welfare of the Republic of Ghana, Mr E.T. Mensah, The Google Ghana Country Director, Mrs Estelle Akofio-Sowah, and Professor Clement Dzidonu, President of Accra Institute of Technology at IPMC's 4th graduation.

"My heart glowed with joy and a sense of fulfilment as I saw people laughing, hugging and parents congratulating their wards for their relentless efforts in school. A sense of accomplishment and joy were the expressions written on the faces of the students graduating in various disciplines and particularly because of the privilege of pursuing their dream to graduate with a British degree qualification" said Ms Vimala Choudary, Head of Training of IPMC.

The event acknowledged 51 students graduating with a Bachelor degree in Business Computing and Information Systems and Business and Information Technology from the University of Wales and University of Greenwich respectively.

NCC Education students were congratulated for completing their studies in IADCS (International Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies) and IDCS (International Diploma in Computer Studies) in front of hundreds of proud family and friends.

Fifteen exceptional students were also presented with the NCC Education Roll of Honour and Regional High Achiever award for all their hard work throughout their studies.

Said NCC Education's Business Development Manager, Marcelle du Rand. "It is very clear that Mr Hari creates a focused learning and nurturing environment at IPMC that brings out the best in both his staff and his students."

IPMC has been an NCC Education Accredited Partner Centre for fifteen years. The joint collaboration strives to provide a broad range of computer skills taught face-to-face, covering all necessary aspects making sure all students are fully prepared and equipped to progress into relevant employment.

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