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Complete Update to IFY Programme

Complete Update to IFY Programme

25 July, 2012

IFY sample certificate

NCC Education is pleased to announce the release of our updated International Foundation Year (IFY) programme. The programme will replace the existing version and the updated course will ensure that students are provided with an even stronger academic structure and progression possibilities.

We Listen to Feedback

Changes were made to the popular IFY programme in order to meet the requirements of our Accredited Partner Centres and students by addressing all feedback and also to continue to provide up-to-date and relevant content for the benefit of our students and their academic progression. We have acted upon student and centre feedback to not only improve the content of the modules, but we have also renamed some of the modules to make them more attractive to students.

Students: for more information please contact you accredited partner centre or

Accredited Partner Centres: for more information please contact your Academic Support Manager.

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