Qualification Details

Units per qualification5 levels
DurationLevels 1-3: 150 hours of study (70 hours of class time), levels 4-5: 150 hours of study (100 hours of class time).
Delivery methodClassroom
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English Language Framework (ELF)


The English Language Framework (ELF) is a course aimed at helping you to improve your language skills. The qualification is comprised of five levels and you can move through the levels according to your needs and abilities:

  • Level 1: Elementary
  • Level 2: Pre-Intermediate
  • Level 3: Intermediate
  • Level 4: Upper-Intermediate
  • Level 5: Advanced
  • Optional Module: Introduction to IELTS - prepares you for assessment by the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). This unit does not carry any credits towards the qualification and is not assessed by NCC Education.

The entry requirements for the ELF qualification differ, depending upon the level you wish to begin studying. You can demonstrate your English language level through the free NCC Education English Placement Test, which is administered by our Accredited Partner Centres. If you hold an existing English Language qualification please contact your Accredited Partner centre to see if you can gain direct entry onto the relevant level of the qualification.

Each level gives you the opportunity to investigate and understand the workings of the English language and to develop your ability to communicate orally and in writing in areas of direct relevance to you in your current and future roles, both as a student and as a professional.

Reading, writing, speaking and listening skills are covered in each level, along with a focus on vocabulary acquisition and grammar. You can expect classes to be very active and include activities such as role-plays, presentations, summaries, discussions and group work, along with appropriate private study time. The qualification is structured to increase your confidence, linguistic accuracy and competence.

Assessment for all levels is offered four times per year (January, April, June and September).

NCC Education provides examinations for all levels which cover:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Language in Use
  • Speaking

At level 5, you can also elect to submit a valid IELTS score for certification instead of taking the NCC Education examination. This might be particularly helpful if you are planning to study overseas after the qualification.

All students passing the examinations for each level will be awarded with an NCC Education certificate. A final mark of at least 40% is required to pass each Level.


Access past papers and sample assessments here.

The English Language Framework (ELF) is a qualification aimed at helping you to improve your language skills. Once you have completed the level 5, you may decide to complete the free IELTS preparation unit. With your IELTS you can then chose to study at a British University, or you may decide to embark on the NCC Education British Degree Journey.

For more information about this qualification please contact your Accredited Partner Centre.

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