Past Papers

This is the area of our website where you can find NCC Education past papers. Here we provide access to a collection of recent past examination and assignment papers.

Conditions of use

Copyright restrictions apply to the use of past papers and all NCC Education examination and assignment materials are protected by copyright law. Past papers may be downloaded and printed only in connection with studying for examinations. Past papers must not be published externally without express permission from NCC Education. Downloading copyrighted material from the NCC Education website implies acceptance of these conditions.

Advice for candidates

Past papers provide a useful reference for understanding the structure and scope of each assessment component for your qualification, as well as the types of questions and tasks which have been included in assessment previously.

Good candidate preparation for assessment will include but should not solely be based on use of a limited number of past assessment papers.  Avoid using past papers simply to predict the questions or topics that are likely to come up in your examination or assignment and for memorising only these answers. Use them to check whether you have correctly engaged with, reviewed and understood your lessons and learning materials during your course and to identify gaps in your knowledge when preparing for assessment. The qualification specifications available at via confirm all the Learning Outcomes that can be measured in a unit assessment.