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Student Support

Student Support

As an NCC Education student you will gain unprecedented support. You will be supported by both your centre and ourselves. We hold a first-class reputation for the quality of our courses and the care we offer our students.

We work closely with our Accredited Partner Centres, and are committed to helping our students succeed in their chosen qualification. We strive to exceed the distinctive needs of all our students, whether they are studying full time, part time, in a classroom or online.

Campus is a completely free student portal, available to all our students upon registration and includes a wide range of support facilities including:

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  • Detailed qualification information
  • Past examination and assignment questions
  • Learning materials for your qualification
  • Study advice
  • Careers zone
  • Competitions
  • Ezine - online student magazine

Campus complements our strong reputation for the quality of our qualifications. We provide high quality resources to help our students achieve success in their course. We endeavour to help our students at every stage of their NCC Education journey. Our academic team provide relevant and practical advice to help students effectively carry out their studies, including revision and examination tips.


Here at NCC Education we understand how important the use of technology is and what the increasing benefits are to students who particpate in social networking. We encourage students and graduates from around the world to communicate with each other, participate in our competitions and read our relevant articles. Many studies have shown that students who use social networking sites increase their technological and creativity skills, further enhancing their potential in getting a job. Many of our students have contributed to articles which are now published online for all the world, including employers to see!


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Our Facebook page contains links to all new articles posted onto ezine, and important dates and documents. Many students have created discussion tabs to share their views and ideas with the whole Facebook community. Join us today!



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Why not follow us on Twitter and gain an additional insight into the world of NCC Education. Read interesting news updates from us, plus a selection of re-tweets from other relevant Twitter sites. We use student feedback and suggestions from Facebook and Twitter to keep our ezine articles and competitions as relevant as possible.