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Ada Rhodes
Level 4 and 5 Diploma in Business
Ada Rhodes completed a Level 4 and Level 5 Diploma in Business in Nigeria, then did her final year at the University of Sunderland campus in the UK. She has agreed to answer some questions about NCC Edu, her UK study experience and provide us with a photo. Why did you choose to study through NCC Education? "The main reason, at the time 2012, why I chose the NCC Edu programme, was because it was cheaper than doing all four years outside Nigeria and it was just eighteen months. That for my mum and I was a winner, as I felt that I had no time and didn't want to waste too much time in school. I studied Business Administration and was awarded a Diploma and Advanced Diploma. Though, I ended up spending over two years on the programme as the centre I chose International Management Training Centre were not up to scratch and their quality had run down." Did you find the academic coursework relevant, insightful, and applicable to the industry? Read More »
Prabin Baral
BSc (Hons) Business Computing and Information Systems

The BSc (Hons) Business Computing and Information Systems programme provides a good coverage of both IT and business aspects. I truly believe that the knowledge that I have acquired from this programme will allow me to succeed in my career either as a businessman or programmer. I am very happy to be awarded this Degree. The support from the University of Central Lancashire (UClan) and NCC Education through regular chat sessions and emails has definitely helped me a great deal. Thank you to the NCC Education and UClan team!

Onkitse Modisang

The BA (Hons) Business Administration programme awarded by the University of Worcester is really rich in content and relevant to today’s work industry. The course has equipped me with all the necessary skills. I totally enjoyed the online-learning format that the programme offers.

Nusrat Ahmed Asha
Graduate of International Foundation Year and Level 4 Diploma in Computing

I have finished my NCC Education’s IFY and L4DC. Now I have been reading L5DC at DIIT, Bangladesh. The course curriculum of NCC Education is so good because they help me to learn how to cope with the real life IT business world. I have enriched my knowledge in computing, networking, web designing, programming etc. by studying the entire courses which are provided by NCC Education in IFY and L4DC.

Though I am living in Bangladesh, I am able to study such kind of International Level education because of NCC Education. They are very punctual in taking exam and publishing result. For all of these I want to thank NCC Education.

I am very excited to learn new things through new course provided by NCC Education in afterwards levels. My future plan is to complete my Degree in BIT and work in a position of higher standing in a reputed organization’s IT sector.

Mhm Munem Maruf-Ur-Rahman
Graduate of International Foundation Year
I have completed NCC Education’s International Foundation Year (IFY) at Daffodil Institute of IT, Dhaka, Bangladesh. This pathway program consists of three levels ultimately leading up to a bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology (BIT).The best thing about this program is the recognition and the certified qualification given at each level. Along the IFY level I have managed to acquire knowledge about basic computing and gained some programming skills. I am currently doing my Level 4 Diploma in Computing (L4DC) and have already completed the first semester. There isn’t much of a pressure on students and the teachers make a friendly and lively environmentfor us that makes us more eager to learn. So far, we have been taught about programming languages, websites, databases, networking and computer system and how each play a role in business hence, making us build our understanding over business and IT combined. I believe that consistency is the key to success and iRead More »
Md. Abu Nashir
I recently completed the BIT – Business & Information Technology, and am grateful for the flexible approach I was able to take to my studies at the Daffodil Institute of IT. During my studies I was able to use my spare time to work part-time as a freelance developer using what I had learned in a practical environment from the get go, and I later was also asked to come in as a consultant to a leading software company in Bangladesh.   The course allowed me to quickly learn and implement new approaches to software development and provided a great frame for implementing what we learned with the latest available tools. This has given me a great advantage over students from other programs, as I have already been able to use what I have learnt in real world software development scenarios.   I am now working as the Chief Technical Officer for Impact Services Co Ltd, Thailand where I am heading the software development department and develop solutions for customer seRead More »
Fatema Tuz Johura
Graduate of Level 5 Diploma in Computing & BSc (Hons) Business Information Technology
I have completed Level 5 Diploma in Computing and BSc (Hons) in Business in Information Technology. I am deeply grateful to NCC education for providing international level education in Bangladesh. The thing I enjoyed most is the fact that I was able to live among my family and friends and at the same time complete an overseas international standard degree. The way the whole curriculum is designed is absolutely realistic and enjoyable. There was no extra pressure on learning unwanted subjects. I was happy to study all the subjects offered by the NCC Education. During my study I have learned not only the Computing aspects but also the business issues surrounded with the IT sector. It also taught me how to organise and operate different level of Computing Projects by following Agile Methodology. Over the time I was able to skill myself to work with Web and Database Development, Application Programming and Computer Networking. Now I’m planning to get employed in a reputed IT companRead More »
Akibul Haque
Graduate of Level 5 Diploma in Business Information Technology
I have recently completed my level 5 diploma course and started final year in BIT (Business Information Technology) from Daffodil Institute of IT, Bangladesh. The first and foremost thing I like about this course is that it doesn’t matter if you have studied science, arts or commerce, you can always enroll yourself in any of the NCC Education qualification pathways. I wanted to study Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Information Technology (IT) or any other computer-related subjects. However, I completed my secondary level of study in business. As such, I was not eligible to take any science-related subjects. But, NCC Education has provided me with the opportunity to fulfill my dream. As I admitted myself into the BSc (Hons) in BIT, I found that all the subjects here are computer-related and quite similar to IT.   Another important point that I like about this course is that it is not theory based. You are not only learning through studying, but also by doing them prRead More »