Here is our Top 10 List of the best advice for success in the IT Industry


The IT Industry is a fast-paced environment with excellent career progression opportunities. NCC Education specialises in IT qualifications designed to enable students to Take The Next Step in their chosen profession, ensuring that upon  completion of a range of IT qualifiations students have the necessary skills to succeed.

Here are our Top 10 Tips for getting ahead in IT.

Top 10 IT Industry Tips

1. Stay ahead of the curve

Practice with new technologies, you never know which platforms you might need practical knowledge of.

2. Future proof yourself (as well as your projects)

Don’t neglect the theoretical side of the profession, in a world of rapid change attending seminars, talking to experts and reading respected IT publications can make all the difference.

3. Learn to prioritise

Knowing which tasks to complete first are the hallmarks of an effective IT professional.

4. Pay attention to detail

Mistakes are often made when tackling complex IT tasks. The smallest issue can derail an entire system if left unresolved.

5. Be responsive to change

Remember that IT requirements evolve and you must be able to as well, being able to adapt to different situations marks you out as a valuable IT professional.

6. Ctrl+Alt+Delete

Be a good task manager. Don’t be afraid to stop and change processes that aren't working. Identifying and managing problems within your workload are skills that are respected in all job roles.

7. Communicate with your colleagues

In IT you will often be working within a team where communication is vital. Talking regularly will ensure that expectations are shared by your colleagues and bosses, meaning that there should be no hidden surprises when you look at your workload on Monday morning.

8. Be resilient

Not every day will be easy in such a competitive working environment, when things go wrong it is important to be able to bounce back and move on with the next task.

9. Maintain a healthy balance

Taking regular breaks from your work allows you to refocus and approach tasks with a fresh mindset.

10. Get feedback

Make sure you get someone else to test EVERYTHING. Having other people testing your work helps to reduce the chance of errors going unnoticed.

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