Thompson Rivers University

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About The University

Thompson Rivers University is one of Canada’s most comprehensive universities with Masters and Bachelor degrees as well as college, online, and English language programmes. The university offers over 100 different programmes, including four-year degrees in over 40 disciplines, and a growing number of post-graduate specialties.

Major programme areas include Business, Computing Science, Tourism, Environmental Science, Health Sciences, Humanities, Fine Arts, Journalism, and ESL.

TRU is a public, fully accredited, degree-granting institution with 13,000 students on campus, including more than 1700 international students from over 80 countries, and a further 13,000 open learning students.

Students from around the world come to TRU each year to take advantage of its comprehensive range of programmes, its unique combinations of flexible learning options, and balance of theoretical and applied studies. Thompson Rivers also reaches out to the world’s communities, delivering training and managing development projects across the globe.

The campus is located in the heart of Kamloops, close to the city centre and easily accessed by a regular bus service. Students enjoy a wide range of support services and outstanding facilities on campus, including individual counselling, academic advising, employment services, and food services, along with wireless Internet, a health clinic, academic facilities, student housing, theatres, and world-class athletic facilities.

Living Around The University

Canada is a country of great diversity, especially within its western province of British Columbia. In the middle of southern BC, between the shores of the Pacific Ocean and the towering peaks of the Rocky Mountains, you will discover the city of Kamloops. Located in a river valley that is also the northern range of the North American Desert, Kamloops is a friendly, warm and welcoming city.

Kamloops is a modern city of 90,000 people noted for its spectacular natural setting, safe and supportive environment, affordability, exceptional climate, and wide range of outdoor, city, and campus activities. The city is a convenient 3.5-hour drive or 45-minute flight from nearby Vancouver.



Choose from homestay, dormitory, student apartment housing or a near-campus student housing community.


Homestay Programme

The homestay programme allows students to live with Canadian families, thus being exposed to, and participating in Canadian culture and customs. TRU considers the best way to enhance English language study is through after school practice with the host family.

A host family plays an important role in helping the student adjust to Canadian life. As much as possible, the student is included in the family unit.

TRU has a well-established network of experienced host families. TRU staff have personally inspected each home and have interviewed the family to ensure quality homestays. TRU has offered this programme for over twelve years.

Homestay is an ideal way to learn about Canadian culture and practice English. TRU places only one international student with each homestay family. The family provides a private, furnished bedroom and all meals (that is, three meals each day plus snacks).

Students can usually expect to travel about 20-30 minutes between their homestay and the TRU campus.

Please contact one of TRU's International Student Advisors with any questions about the homestay programme. Or, for more information on homestay, please see TRU's Homestay Information booklet. To apply for homestay accommodation, please complete the Homestay Application booklet.


TRU Residence & Conference Centre

The TRU Residence & Conference Centre is the newest addition to the TRU campus. The high-rise dormitory accommodates 576 students in 271 fully-furnished and air-conditioned suites.


On-Campus Housing (McGill)

On-Campus Housing is TRU's campus dormitory complex. Dormitory students will each have a private furnished room complete with bed, desk, dresser, fridge, hot plate, and microwave oven. On-Campus Housing residents will share a private bathroom with three other students and will also have access to a common building with a laundry facility, large kitchen facility, games room, TV lounge, and private study areas.


Off-Campus Housing: Upper College Heights Student Housing

Off-campus student housing facilities are located immediately beside the TRU campus (approximately a five minute walk to campus). Each student will share a furnished four-bedroom unit with three other students. Each student has a private bedroom and shares kitchen and bathroom facilities with three other students. The bedrooms are furnished with a bed, desk, chair, and dresser. The kitchen facility has a fridge, stove, and microwave oven.


Near Campus Student Housing

There are also many near-campus housing options.

Course Information

IELTS requirements vary from course to course.

Recognised for Entry

NCC Education Qualification Specific Entry Requirements Progression routes available
International Foundation Year Successful completion of the programme
Must meet programme-specific academic and language requirements.
Eligible to apply, on an individual basis, for first year entry to TRU programmes including, but not limited to, the following programmes:

Degree Programmes

Bachelors of Arts (BA)
Majors: Communications, Economics, Economics and Math, Economic & Political Studies, English, Geography, History, Mathematics, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Theatre
Bachelor of Arts, General Studies (BA)
Theme: Canadian Studies
Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
Majors: Accounting, Economics, Finance, General Business, Human Resource Management, Information Technology, International Business, Marketing, New Venture Creation
Double Degree: BBA/Bachelor of Computing Science
Bachelor of Computing Science (BCS)
Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFS)
Bachelor of Health Science (BHSc)
Associate of Arts Degree
Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (BIS)
Bachelor of Natural Resource Science (BNRS)
Bachelor of Science (BSc)
Majors: Animal Biology, Biology, Cellular, Molecular and Microbial Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Computing Science, Ecology and Environmental Biology, Mathematics, Mathematics and Economics, Mathematical Sciences, Physics
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN)
Bachelor of Tourism Management (BTM)
Majors: Adventure Studies, Entrepreneurship, Management
Transfer programs: Engineering (one-year), Forestry (one-year and two-year)
Associate of Science Degree

Diploma Programmes

Accounting Technician
Adventure Guide
Adventure Management
Architectural Engineering and Technology (ARET)
Visual Arts
Water Treatment Technology
Canadian Mountain and Ski Guide
Computing Science
Digital Art and Design (DAAD)
Early Childhood Education
Events and Conventions Management
Practical Nurse
Resort and Hotel Management
Respiratory Therapy
Sports Event Management
Tourism Management

How to Apply

1. Complete all information on the International Student Application for Admission form. There are two ways you can use this Website to apply:

a. You can apply and submit your application online, or:

b. Print out a blank copy of the application form, and then fax/mail the form to TRU.

2. Please indicate your programme choices clearly on the application form.

3. If you are applying for any academic courses (other than the English Language Programme), official transcripts (or certified copies) of your secondary school grades and any post-secondary institutions you have attended must be included with this application. If you are applying through the Internet, please fax or mail your transcripts to the International Admissions Office as soon as you can.

4. If you are applying for the English Language Programme and do not intend to study other subjects, you do not need to submit transcripts at this time. We strongly suggest, however, that you bring copies of your transcripts with you when you come to Canada in case you change your plans in the future and wish to choose some academic courses.