Foreword - NCC Education


“All our people go above and beyond their duties daily to ensure each centre and student receives a high level of service. This is what makes NCC Education stand head and shoulders above our competitors – we know who our centres and students are, and we care about each one. NCC Education is on a strong path to ensure quality improvement and sustained business growth.”

Esther ChestermanĀ 
General Manager


“At the core of our business, we remain committed to offering high-quality, internationally-recognised degree pathways. We continue to seek new and improved ways to expand and refresh the academic journey, as we further enhance our pathway offerings through product development. Our strategy is building on the belief that collaborative growth is the key to success. To this end, we will continue to forge strong relationships with our Accredited Partner Centres and support them at every stage of their development and expansion. In addition, we will continually strive to expand our social services to fulfil our social responsibilities in the global communities in which we operate.

Allan Norton
Chief Operating Officer


“NCC Education mirrors the best aims and objectives of British Higher Education. We try to avoid training today’s students to solve yesterday’s problems. We believe there is a need to ensure that today’s students are tomorrow’s creative thinkers and we make every effort to futureproof our qualifications to achieve this goal.”

Peter FordĀ 
Director of NCC Education and Chair of Academic Board

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