Our Mission and Values - NCC Education

Our Mission and Values

NCC Education is committed to providing every learner with a quality British qualification, offering them an affordable route to obtain a UK university degree and access to British education without leaving their home country.

We are also committed to providing every Accredited Partner Centre with the support they require, making their and their students journey a seamless and enjoyable one.

Our Mission

To be a global leader in the assessment and certification of recognised quality British qualifications and teaching programmes and the first choice examinations board for IT and Business.

To improve an individual’s future prospects and opportunities by providing quality qualifications that are widely recognised and valued by employers and universities worldwide.

Our Values
In all that we do, we aim to be: Innovative, Excellent, Transparent and Collaborative
Innovating and improving in all we do
Demonstrating excellence in customer service, expertise in IT and Business
Working with integrity, openness and respecting our obligations to our partners and staff
Nurturing individual talent and engaging all people