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Are Online Top-up Degrees Value for Money? 26 October 2017


Studying for a top-up degree in the UK can be costly, fees can range from £11,000 to over £20,000 for international students. From a financial perspective, you may be contemplating if converting your diploma into a degree really is value for money.

A less expensive alternative to studying for top-up degree in the UK is to study for it online.


How much does an online top-up degree cost?

Online top-up degrees are often around half the cost of studying a top-up degree in the UK.

Money can be a concern when choosing to study a degree. In 2016, more than 80% of UK students surveyed admitted they worry about their finances.

By studying for a top-up degree online, you can save yourself money on accommodation and transport costs to and from university. The only time you would need to travel is for examinations or to attend your graduation ceremony upon completion.

As the materials on the course are online, you will get free access to the university’s online library. This means on average, you can save yourself around £300 a year on what would be spent on printed academic reading materials.


Are online top-ups different to campus degrees?

Although the course is delivered online, you will still receive a great deal of support from your module leaders as you would at a campus university. You can get involved in discussion forums, email your tutors when required and test your knowledge via online quizzes and past papers.

The top-up degrees are recognised the same way as a full UK degree. They are validated and awarded by British universities.

When you have completed and passed your top-up, you will receive a UK BA / BSc (Hons) degree certificate and can attend the university’s graduation ceremony to collect it.


How can I apply for an online top-up degree?

NCC Education offer pathway programmes into British degrees. Upon completion of level 4 and 5 diplomas, you can study an online top-up degree awarded by the following university:

University of Central LancashireBSc (Hons) Business Computing and Information Systems


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