FAQs - NCC Education


This page is dedicated to answering frequently asked questions or queries about studying an NCC Education qualification.

If you are an existing student please contact your NCC Education centre. If you are not an existing student and you cannot find the answer to your question below (or simply want more information) just send an email along to our Customer Service Team (customer.services@nccedu.com) and we will do our best to provide you with all the information you need.

What is an NCC Education centre and can I study directly at NCC Education?

An NCC Education Accredited Partner Centre is a college, school or university that has signed up to offer and teach and assess our qualifications. All Accredited Partner centres undergo quality assurance procedures and must meet all of our high standards before we allow them to offer our qualifications. NCC Education works very closely with our Accredited Partner centres and we have built trusted working relationships that have been developed over many years (some of our centres have been with us for more than 20 years).

NCC Education is an awarding organisation not a teaching site. We are based in Manchester (UK) with three regional offices. All students wishing to study for our qualifications will sign up to study at one of our Accredited Partner centres, where trained and approved staff are appointed to administer and teach the qualifications set by NCC Education.

What are the Entry Requirements?

The entry requirements vary depending on the qualification you are interested in and can be found under the relevant section of the Our Qualifications area of the website. If you are uncertain, or the qualification you are looking for is not listed please contact customer.service@ncccedu.com for more information and advice.

How can I apply for exemptions on NCC Education qualifications?

Your Accredited Partner centre will advise you on our agreed exemptions and would supply this request in writing to us with copies of all details of your previous qualifications, such as syllabi and any certificates issued. In some cases we may already be aware of instances where exemptions can be given, and in these cases the process should be very short and simple.

All exemption requests must be made prior to you sitting your first assessment.

All exemption requests must be processed through your NCC Education Accredited Partner centre.

How long does will it take me to complete my qualification?

This can vary; the majority of students take one year to complete most of our qualifications (based on full-time learning). Students aiming to achieve a degree, for example, will typically (depending on their existing qualifications) begin their education at Level 4 (Diploma Level) and then spend three years studying for their degree qualification. At the end of this journey you will then be awarded your degree directly from the awarding UK University that validates your course.

Students may also study part time, which enables our students to be employed whilst they study. Your NCC Education Accredited Partner centre will discuss the options available to you. They will have more detailed information on how the course is run including timetables and time scales etc.

One of the key benefits of studying an NCC Education qualification is that we will award our students with an individual and recognised qualification at the end of each year (our Level 4 and Level 5 Diplomas, for example). This is unlike students who study directly at a UK university who typically must complete the full three years before they can achieve a qualification.

The benefit of this is that our students can choose to enter into employment at any stage using their qualifications gained at NCC Education and can then choose to return at a later date to continue with their education.

When can I start studying for my qualification?

Following registration with your NCC Education Accredited Partner centre you will be advised on start dates for your qualification by your centre.

What is NCC Education?

NCC Education is a regulated UK Awarding Organisation and a global provider of British education from Entry through to Master’s degree level. We provide a complete education solution to over 150 centres worldwide. By working in partnership with Accredited Partner centres and universities we provide students with affordable qualifications in Business and IT, from foundation through to degree and master’s level.

I would like to know a little bit more about NCC Education’s history and values

Visit our About Us section of the website.

Who are NCC Education qualifications for?

Everyone. At NCC Education we firmly believe that education should be accessible to everyone who wishes to gain an education and improve their skills and employability. NCC Education qualifications are open to school students, senior middle school graduates, diploma holders, working professionals and people from all walks of life; it all depends on the level of qualification you would like to study.

So, how can I register?

We have made our registration process as simple as possible for you. All students register through one of our NCC Education Partner centres, which are located all over the world – our centres have trained and dedicated staff that can assist and guide you through every stage of your registration process. To find your nearest Accredited Partner centre please contact customer.services@nccedu.com.

Once you have found a centre providing the qualification you wish to study you would contact them directly to enquire about how to begin the registration process and get started.