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A Career-Climbing Skill: Project Management

In research recently conducted for the Project Management Institute by the Anderson Economic Group, it was found that 25 million project management professionals will be required in the global economy by 2030; this constitutes a talent gap of 2.3 million people each year to keep up with demand (PMI, 2021).


Across a wide range of sectors, managers must learn transferable project management skills that help them succeed in today’s project-driven workplace (not just Project Managers!).

There are many different aspects to managing projects. From applying concepts, tools and techniques for proposing, planning, resourcing, budgeting, monitoring and controlling, to managing relationships, communications, networking and cultural issues, project managers have the responsibility to critically assesses strategies for managing risk, uncertainty and ambiguity and provide quality assurance.

Does NCC Education offer studies in Project Management?

If you are looking to upskill in Project Management, NCC Education’s 20-credit Level 7 Unit in Project Management can be taken as a standalone unit certificate or as part of our Level 7 Diploma in Business Management.

What does the course involve?

Students will explore twelve key topics:

  1. Organisation, Projects and Change
  2. Stakeholders and Requirements
  3. Types and Categories of Project
  4. Before the Project Starts: Concept, Business Case and Proposal
  5. Project Execution, Standards and Methodologies
  6. Planning, Resourcing and Financing Projects
  7. Monitoring, Control and Quality Assurance
  8. Leadership
  9. Communication and Relationships
  10. Culture and the International Context
  11. Managing Risk, Uncertainty and Ambiguity
  12. The Meaning of Project Success

How will I be assessed?

Students will be assessed with one assignment – there are no exams.

Will I study online or in a classroom?


Options for face-to-face classroom study at an NCC Education accredited partner centres or 100% online self-study are available.


What are the entry requirements?


Students entering via the ‘Work Experience’ must hold 5+ years’ experience in a managerial-level position or similar – no previous degree is required.


We also offer an ‘Academic’ entry route to graduates who don’t have the required managerial work experience but have an Honours degree in a Business-related field.


A ‘Combined’ entry route is available to graduates with an Honours degree in a different subject area and 3+ years’ managerial-level experience or similar.


How can I find out more?


To find out more about taking a standalone unit in Project Management or studying Project Management as part of the Level 7 Diploma in Business Management visit: https://www.nccedu.com/qualifications/post-graduate-level/ncc-education-level-7-diploma-in-business-management-l7dbm/ 


You can also contact us at [email protected]




PMI (2021). Talent Gap: Ten-Year Employment Trends, Costs, and Global Implications