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What is a Level 7 Diploma?

Level 7 Postgraduate Qualification

If you are wondering what to do after getting your bachelor’s degree, there are a range of options available to you.

You may want to go straight into employment, or you may want to further your study and if you do, one option you may consider is a Level 7 Diploma.

You may not have heard of this option, but it is becoming increasing popular with students who are looking to build on their professional skills.

Here are the most common questions we get asked about the Level 7 Diploma:


What is a Level 7 Diploma?

In short, a Level 7 Diploma is a globally-recognised certification at Level 7 equivalent, but not a full master’s; however, it allows you to advance your knowledge and skills gained from your first degree to postgraduate level.

So, whilst the Level 7 is the same level as studying at master’s level, it only becomes a master’s when you have undertaken the dissertation.


So, what does that mean?

This means you can bridge the study between Level 6 (a bachelor’s degree) and the full master’s degree.


Why would I want to do that?

That’s simple! Many employers and higher education institutes recognise a Level 7 Diploma as a high-level demonstration of professional knowledge and skills. For many managers and senior professionals, a Level 7 shows that you are at the level of postgraduate study.

Also, some students may want to wait to commit to their dissertation, so in the meantime, this qualification helps them to keep up-to-date with their learning, gain new skills and show employers they are at a high-level of education, with the relevant business management skills essential in today’s modern workplace.


What are the entry requirements?

You will need to hold an honours degree in a related subject, a UK Level 6 diploma or an equivalent overseas qualification.

If you are applying for a Level 7 Diploma in the UK and are not from a majority English-speaking country, you will need to provide evidence of English language proficiency. The criteria are subject to the course of your choice.

A Level 7 Diploma is a vocational certification focused on professional skills and suitable for those seeking managerial roles in the industry of their choice. Therefore, entry to a Level 7 Diploma course sometimes requires relevant work experience.


How many credits is a level 7 diploma?

To complete a Level 7 Diploma, you will need to attain a minimum of 120 credits.

This could be part of your study towards a master’s degree at a university or a certificate showing your level of study.


How is it different from a master’s degree?

While a master’s degree is commonly attained from a university, a level 7 diploma is usually achieved at an accredited training or specialist vocational centre.

You need a minimum of 180 credits to achieve a master’s degree but only 120 to complete a Level 7 Diploma.

Completion of a Level 7 Diploma depends on how you choose to study; it usually takes a year full-time or two years part-time.


What other benefits are there to studying a Level7?

This flexibility of the diploma allows students to work or continue with other commitments as they study. We find this is suitable for mature students, parents, people already in managerial roles or those who wish to further their career.

Students will explore an extensive range of contemporary issues and develop the critical, analytical and practical skills to succeed as managers and leaders. They will develop and refine their academic skills at master’s level.

A level 7 diploma doesn’t cost as much as a master’s degree. Thus, it’s no surprise why Level 7 Diplomas are gradually becoming a popular option for those who seek advanced level of study.

NCC Education offers the Level 7 Diploma in Business Management, which allows you that flexibility and the advantage you need in further study or career progression.

A Level 7 diploma in Business Management is widely recognised and provides the learner with skills adapted to today’s ever-evolving business needs.

The diploma has been developed by senior academics in the business space to co-incide with the contemporary practice of modern business. For example, the Level 7 diploma in Business Management now includes entrepreneurship and leadership as elective modules, highly sought after by start-ups and established businesses.


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