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Simpang 633
Jalan Beribi, Mukim Gadong
Muara BE1118
Bandar Seri Begawan

+673 244 8679
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Kemuda Institute was established in 2004 and began by venturing into Information Technology courses, collaborating with Cambridge. Kemuda officially became the Accredited Partner Centre of the National Computing Centre (NCC), UK in 2006. Subsequently, many new courses were introduced, becoming the core academic courses which were recognised locally and internationally.

Kemuda aims to provide second-chance programmes for those who are able to attend the Information Communication Technology (ICT) courses (Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma). Through the asuh and asah approach, Kemuda continuously motivates each student to excel both academically and personally. These courses are professionally selected for their relevance in the current industry and are competently marketable.

The Institute focuses on giving everybody a second chance through education, as well as providing opportunities to study abroad. It is Kemuda’s objective to nurture industry-relevant skills and to bring ICT and business awareness to both young and mature people. The aim is also to enhance students’ ability to think critically and competitively.

Kemuda’s excellent 2009 track record showed that 90% of Kemuda Diploma graduates secured jobs within the first six months of graduation and 100% secured jobs within nine months of graduation.

Kemuda constantly believes in improving its training courses and consistently conducts post-evaluation reviews, as well as closely monitoring and maintaining its Quality Assurance standards. The Institute also strives to provide a more enjoyable and customised environment to suit the clients’ needs.

  • Wi-Fi Internet access
  • Library
  • Student lounge
  • Computer lab
  • Technical room
  • Canteen

Kemuda Institute is accredited by the Brunei Darussalam National Accreditation Council and is currently working closely with the Brunei Darussalam Technical and Vocational Council to provide courses to students.

Recently, Kemuda collaborated with Microsoft to bring its technologies into the education of the Institute’s students through IT Academy programmes.

For more information about Kemuda Institute, you may go to our website:

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