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Zhejiang Business College

Zhejiang Business College (ZJBC) is a time-honored institution. It has developed from its predecessor Hangzhou Secondary Commercial School, which was founded in 1911. Embracing its school motto of “Honesty, tenacity, diligence and simplicity” and adhering to the guide- line principle of “nurturing talents and serving society”. ZJBC has over the past one hundred years or so, turned out a multitude of professionals, among whom are such celebrities as Mr. Luo Gengmo the economist and Mr. Zhang Naiqi the patriot. For its remarkable achievements in education, the college has been crowned “the talent-nurturing cradle for the business arena of Zhejiang Province”

Qualifications offered

NCC Education will endorse the following programmes from Zhejiang Business College

  1. ZJBC Level 3 Foundation Diploma in Hospitality Management
  2. ZJBC Level 4 Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management
  3. ZJBC Level 5 Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management
  4. ZJBC Level 6 Professional Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management
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