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LearnIT Institute of Business and Technology 7th Graduation Ceremony 23 November 2009

October 17th 2009 marked a day of success and joy for the graduates of NCC Education’s Accredited Partner Centre LearnIT Institute of Business and Technology, Tanzania, as the centre celebrated its 7th graduation ceremony at Karimjee Hall.

The guest of honour; Mr. Charles Philemon, Chief Education Officer of Ministry of Education & Culture, graced the occasion with his presence and Ms. Andrea Lloyd, Director, Operations at NCC Education, was invited as the keynote speaker. While congratulating the graduates, Ms. Lloyd shared the importance of quality education in today’s world. Among those present were the Director of LearnIT Institute of Business and Technology, Ms. Bhakti Shah and the NCC Education Manager for Africa and Caribbean, Mr. Laurence Foure.

This year, 210 students graduated from the Diploma, Advanced Diploma and Bachelor of Science programmes, with the best students from each specially recognised and awarded with medals.

Through its partnership with NCC Education, LearnIT is able to provide diplomas and advanced diplomas in Business and ICT, as well as British university degrees in ICT. With the growing demand for trained professionals in these fields, LearnIT directs all its efforts to improving the quality of its learning environment and the delivery of its programmes, to meet the exacting standards set by NCC Education and associated universities.

On this occasion, LearnIT Institute of Business and Technology were delighted that four of their students were given NCC Education Global High Achiever awards and a further four students earned Regional High Achiever awards, which is a total of 25% of all NCC Education academic awards for the year 2008/2009.

The graduation ceremony was heralded as a huge success and a valuable and worthwhile experience for students, guests and faculty members alike.



About LearnIT Institute of Business and Technology


LearnIT Institute of Business and Information Technology is one of the leading privately owned training institutions in Tanzania and East and Central Africa, providing training in the fields of Business and Information & Communication Technology (ICT). With a state-of-the-art infrastructure of fully equipped computer laboratories and classrooms, LearnIT boasts an impressive 400 student capacity and employs qualified tutors in both Business and ICT. In its seven years of partnership with NCC Education, Learnit has produced more than 1000 first year graduates, 500 second year graduates and more than 100 third year graduates from its programmes.

For further details on LearnIT’s range of NCC Education programmes, please visit the LearnIT website.