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Maznah Hamid 16 July 2014

From humble beginnings to Executive Chairman of her own security company, entrepreneur Datuk Dr. Maznah Hamid proved she has always been prepared to take the next step and is now renowned in her native Malaysia for her successful businesses and as a motivational speaker.

Datuk Dr. Maznah is the Executive Chairman of Securiforce, a security company with more than 6,000 employees in Malaysia and across Asia and Europe. There are now more than 65 Securiforce branches and the business has expanded over the last 30 years to include logistics, cash-in-transit and high-tech cargo management services.

Known as The Iron Lady, Datuk Dr. Maznah Hamid was born with little in Kedah, Malaysia and was raised by her grandparents. She knew from a young age that education and persistence would be the key to success. Speaking to, Maznah explains how her journey began with the decision to study, “The first step I took was to sign up at a language centre to better my English. Later, I took up business courses but I was still without direction. All I knew was that I wanted to be rich and successful”.

Maznah began by providing security for homes but could not afford to pay staff so guarded the homes herself along with her husband. Living in a rumah haram, an illegal housing area, she lived without facilities but continued to aspire to success and was never afraid to take the next step in order to achieve her goals.

Today Maznah has a number of companies and has founded the Maznah Motivational Centre, where she hosts workshops and seminars on entrepreneurship and promotes human development. She has also published the book ‘Success Motivation Hunt’ and a mini-series of Success, Wealth and Happiness.

By taking the next step Maznah now holds a PhD, Doctorate in Business Administration in Entrepreneurship, Motivation and Human Development Capital from Central State University of New York and is also president of the Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers.