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NCC Education Introduces Initiative to Increase Employee Engagement 23 August 2018


In a bid to further motivate and engage our employees, we asked our staff to nominate themselves to be part of our new Employee Engagement Team.

The Employee Engagement Team will be an in-house committee made up of NCC Education staff who will become the ‘voice of the organisation’ and will be responsible for making decisions such as CSR projects, volunteering, training, team-building, employee well-being, staff awards and more.

Our employee engagement team volunteers have come from various departments and regions. These staff members are, David Everall from IT, Sanjeev Singh and Lydia Wang from Marketing, Sarah Henderson from HR, Kathryn Woodhead from Product Development, Selina Millson from Operations and Charlotte Heyn from our Marketing department in South Africa.

Each one of our volunteers offers their own unique expertise and skills and are looking forward to working as a team to come up with new ideas and events for everyone to enjoy.

Sanjeev Singh Social Media and Marketing Support Officer says, “I’m excited to be part of the team and to be planning activities for the staff here at The Towers and other regional offices at NCC Education.

“Being given a budget and the responsibility to plan events and make decisions is something I am really looking forward to.”

Global Marketing Manager Kerry Voellner says, “We wanted to empower our employees by giving them representation within the business and become a ‘voice’ for their peers. Many other companies are adopting this employee-focused approach and it has positive returns.

“Employee engagement should be a cornerstone of every business. When employees are engaged, they feel a closer connection with the company and as a result are more likely to work harder, have less absences and communicate better.

“As an organisation committed to its employees’ development, we have introduced this as a way of giving back to staff and also being a way for them to develop ‘soft skills’ such as budgeting, planning and communication.”

“NCC Education is already home to a fantastic working environment, where we organise regular charity events, sports events and social events for our employees, but this initiative takes it one step further by allowing the employees themselves to be the decision makers and drivers behind what we do next.”

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