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NCC Education launches free anti-plagiarism software 10 December 2010

FREE anti-plagiarism detection software for Accredited Partner Centres

Maintaining the highest possible academic standards, credibility and world-wide comparability are amongst the key benefits of being an Accredited Partner Centre. Comprehensive plagiarism detection is vital to achieving that end and your contribution ensures that we all continue to enjoy the benefits of total academic credibility. We are therefore delighted to announce that NCC Education has negotiated a special deal to provide all Accredited Partner Centres with access to the recognised global leader in anti-plagiarism systems, Turnitin.

NCC Education will provide this service FREE, as part of the annual accreditation fee; a further demonstration of our determination to deliver ongoing service level enhancements to our Partner Centres.


What are the advantages to your Accredited Partner Centre?

NCC Education’s specially negotiated agreement with iParadigms, the suppliers of Turnitin, means you can be included in our global licence as part of your regular annual fee, saving your centre the typical site licence fee of £2000-£3000 per year NCC Education can negotiate a discount on your annual fee if you already have a Turnitin site licence Electronic submission reduces your administration costs and removes all courier costs for assignment moderations Support your educational objectives by promoting honest, thoughtful and legal use of information by your students No need to provide your own anti-plagiarism reports, saving you time and money.


Why Turnitin?

Turnitin is the anti-plagiarism software of choice for many UK Universities Turnitin checks plagiarism against the work of other students, not just Internet sources NCC Education trials have shown that Turnitin is more consistent and more accurate than other anti-plagiarism systems Using anti-plagiarism software provides a consistent approach to tackling plagiarism across all NCC Education centres Unlike some plagiarism checking websites, Turnitin does not sell on copies of the students’ work to other students.


What can Centres use Turnitin for?

NCC Education’s special arrangement with Turnitin means that you can submit assignments for all NCC Education Programmes through this efficient web-based system. However, you cannot take advantage of this offer to submit work for any other organisation, unless you have an institution site licence. If you do have your own licence for Turnitin, you can continue to use it for other purposes and NCC Education can negotiate a discount on your annual fee.

For details of what you need to do next, please see overleaf.

For further information, please contact Vic Page, Associate Dean, Academic Division, NCC Education at