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NCC Education – Planned Improvements and New Diploma Specialisms 28 May 2020

What is happening?

At NCC Education we constantly review our qualifications to ensure that they are contemporary and are meeting market need. In order to make our diplomas more flexible and adaptable to the market, we have revised some of their titles so that they clearly reflect the units that make up the qualifications.  We have also reviewed our qualification design, to make it simpler to introduce new elective specialisms to the diplomas without having to create brand-new qualifications.  This added flexibility should help centres offer programmes that can quickly respond to market needs.


Click here to download the ‘Planned Improvements and New Diploma Specialisms’ PDF document.


Each qualification that has a specialism will have to have a range of core/mandatory/optional units.

All Level 4 and Level 5 diplomas that are Computing related will now have following titles as part of their titles plus the added specialism:

NB: For centres currently offering the above existing diplomas, there will be no name change.


New titles

The following existing qualifications are to be renamed as follows:

What are the benefits to centres?

  • The new titling provides greater clarity on the types of units contained within the qualifications
  • They will make it easier for centres to offer multiple specialist pathways
  • Centres can respond faster to changing market situations
  • In regions where centres must register our qualifications with their own regulators, this new qualification structure means less administration for centres offering several diplomas as they will be grouped together under one specification (sharing one Ofqual qualification number)


When is it happening?

For students taking their first assessments in June 2021.

Qualification structures