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NCC Education statement regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) 12 March 2020

The health, safety and wellbeing of our students, Accredited Partner Centres and staff is our highest priority during the outbreak of COVID-19.


We will be continually supporting those within our organisation and networks who may be concerned about the virus, their health and any other related issues with the latest up-to-date advice from the UK Government and other health services.


We are also working closely with our regional offices and Accredited Partner Centres from around the world to ensure all students are kept notified of any developments and important information at this time.


The continued and protected learning of our students and their welfare is of utmost importance to us, so we are working across all our departments to ensure that there will be no interruptions to the services we provide.


Data is still emerging in the UK and the impact it will have on business is still uncertain. However, it could be possible that up to one-fifth of employees could be absent from work during peak weeks.


Whilst we don’t deal with our students directly, we do have contingency plans in place for the whole of the NCC Education organisation so that any risks to business will be limited and have minimal effect on our students.


Although the virus has been detected in many parts of the world, we are aware that China has been affected more than others and this has indeed been a time of concern for our Chinese students, Accredited Partner Centres, staff and their families and friends.


We do understand that there will be many within our networks who will be worried about family and friends, especially those in China. Our thoughts go out to them and we ask that at this difficult time, we support one another and stand together as one in solidarity.


For any support you may need, please do not hesitate to contact your Accredited Partner Centre, Business Development Manager or your contact at NCC Education.


Kindest Regards

Esther Chesterman
General Manager