NCC Education Training Workshop: Beijing - NCC Education

NCC Education Training Workshop: Beijing 17 November 2009

In September 2009, NCC Education’s East Asia office held a two-day training workshop in Beijing. The purpose of the workshop was to provide both teaching and administrative staff in Accredited Partner Centres (APCs) with the support to successfully deliver NCC Education programmes. The workshop was particularly designed to help new International Foundation Year (IFY) Accredited Partner Centres begin academic activities in the autumn semester.

The sessions were led by Dr. Gareth Evans, Dean, Academic Division and Ms. YenMing Chin, Customer Service Officer from the NCC Education Malaysia office. The workshop was attended by 28 representatives from various Accredited Partner Centres within East Asia including: the University of Science and Technology, Beijing; National University of Mongolia, Beijing; the Changsha and Shanghai teaching sites of Aoji Education Group; Guangzhou Institute of Technology; Kunming No.1 High School; Jiangyin No.1 Middle School and Zhejiang New Oriental Foreign Language Training School.

Over the course of the two days, teaching staff attended workshops and presentations covering various aspects of the IFY programme. In addition, Ms. YenMing Chin provided a detailed introduction to Customer Service, the student online learning environment Campus, and the advantages and operations method of the Connect management system.

The workshops were held in a lively atmosphere and generated many positive discussions. The attendees felt that this workshop would not only help them gain a deeper understanding of the IFY programme and academic activities, but also offered networking opportunities for new NCC Education Accredited Partner Centres in the region.