NCC Education welcomes King Stage to its Accredited Partner Centre Network - NCC Education

NCC Education welcomes King Stage to its Accredited Partner Centre Network 13 July 2018

Left to right: Director of Qualifications and Academic Delivery Esther Chesterman, Director of King Stage Kady Doumbia and Business Development Manager Bev O'Donovan


NCC Education are delighted to welcome King Stage to its Accredited Partner Centre network.

Based in the City of London, King Stage are the first Accredited Partner Centre in the UK to offer our full business degree pathway.

Founded in 2009, King Stage have a history of delivering excellence in education to students from across the world, who go on to careers in business sectors such as Marketing, Administration, Finance, IT, Accounting, International trade, Management and Communication.

The NCC Education degree delivered by King Stage offers flexibility to those in full-time and part-time employment, an international syllabus and a broad range of subject content; suitable for anyone seeking to advance their career and salary prospects in a wide range of these business-related areas.

UK Regional Director Andrew Rennie says, “King Stage will be offering NCC Education business courses from September 2018.”

“On behalf of the organisation we would like to wish them all the success they deserve with this launch.

“King Stage have a unique offering in the market. Combined with their professionalism and dedication to delivering teaching excellence, we would have no hesitation in recommending their offer to prospective students.”

NCC Education qualifications are widely recognised by universities, regulators and employers; allowing students also the option to move their studies in the final year to any number of UK Universities and campuses offering a final year top-up year.

More information about King Stage can be found here: