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NCC Education Welcome Tulip Community Academy to its Accredited Partner Centre Network 29 October 2019

NCC Education are pleased to welcome Tulip Community Academy to its Accredited Partner Centre network.  


Head-quartered in Beijing City, China, the academy, which specialises in family education has been accredited to deliver the full range of the NCC Education Digi programmesExplorersNavigators and Trailblazers and the NCC Education Level 2 Award in Computing.   

Founded a decade ago, the academy has been serving its local community by providing specialist childcare training to parents.  

Now on a mission to expand its service, Tulip Community Academy has commenced training in family education to tackle some of the common challenges that modern parents face in education, such as inequality and the change of mentality when arranging education opportunities for their children.  

The academy pioneers in encouraging its staff members to develop entrepreneurship and innovating family education which focusses on parents’ transition to an inclusive approach to cultivating the next generation.  

Recognising the need for digital and technology education in the fast-developing region, CEO Ms. Ying Wang at Tulip Community Academy says: “NCC Education have undertaken the social responsibility in digital technology education and training through various effective methodologies.  

“Tulip is then able to deliver the Digi programmes from the constructivist’s view to learners – innovating family education with digital value that is to be developed among parents and children. 

“We endeavour to develop the crucial professional skills that bring employment opportunities to them.” 

Advisor for the Schooling Plan and Development Committee Dr. Ying Liu at China’s national education ministry says: “The Tulip Community Academy staff have responded to the NCC Education Digi partnership overwhelmingly. 

“Tulip Community Academy is well on the way to undertake the social responsibility by innovating the rather unique family and community-based education and delivering the NCC Education Digi programmes to everyone.” 

Regional Director Andrew Rennie at NCC Education says: “Tulip Community Academy is an organisation that takes their social responsibility seriously, and through their innovative family and community-based education business they are now delivering the NCC Education Digi (Digital Literacy) programmes in China. 

For more information, please contact:  

Tulip Community Academy 

Tel: +86 18600600065  


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