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NCC Education’s Response to the Latest Ofqual Investigation 19 December 2011

The current exam system and the education industry as a whole in the UK has been catapulted to the forefront of the nation’s minds after the Education Secretary instructed Ofqual to launch an investigation into standards last week.

Undoubtedly, the UK’s global reputation for high quality education is under scrutiny after the recent and much publicised allegations of allowing standards to slip in order to boost student numbers and commercial gain.

Undercover journalists discovered examiners detailing how the course content was so small they did not know how it had been passed by the regulator and another two examiners have been suspended after allegedly telling teachers which questions would be featured.

NCC Education, a global provider and awarding body of British education to more than 40 different countries, is proud to set its sights solely on quality and academic relevance rather than simply heighten pass rates.

“We welcome Ofqual’s investigation. As an Ofqual-regulated awarding body we are pleased to see that the regulators have responded so rapidly and comprehensively,” said Dr James Stephenson, Academic Quality Manager.

“We would like to assure our Accredited Partner Centres and their students that NCC Education strives relentlessly to provide programmes that meet both Ofqual regulations and our students’ needs.”

NCC Education works in many ways to ensure quality assurance across all programmes, including working in collaboration with a network of university partners. NCC Education has also been undertaking an institution-wide quality audit on our qualifications and assessments since last August, and this will continue into 2012.

For more information on NCC Education’s quality assurance please visit here.