New Centre Based in Swaziland Benefits from Training Session run by UK-based Customer Service Staff - NCC Education

New Centre Based in Swaziland Benefits from Training Session run by UK-based Customer Service Staff 22 October 2012

Rebecca Bennett, an NCC Education Senior Customer Service Executive recently embarked on a trip to our regional office based in Cape Town and one of our Accredited Partner Centres based in the neighbouring country of Swaziland.

Rebecca is the customer service manager for over 25 centres based in Africa and works very closely with the South African team. This visit created a perfect opportunity for Rebecca to meet her co-workers face to face and partake in a team building training session. The session will strengthen our internal processes to ensure that our African centres receive a more efficient service; this can then be rolled out companywide. The team gained a greater understanding of each other’s roles to enable them to grow and increase productivity. Rebecca spent five days in South Africa and was lucky enough to also sample the fine wines and food the region has to offer, a nice little perk to the trip!

After meeting the team Rebecca then flew to Swaziland to meet one of our Accredited Partner Centres, the Institute of Development Management (IDM). IDM was established in 1974 as a regional organisation in Botswana, Lesotho and Swaziland (BLS) to help meet the management needs of the region through development activities. It operates under the general direction of a governing board composed of representatives from government, industry and universities in each of the BLS countries.

The campuses in Botswana and Swaziland both offer the NCC Education Business, Business IT and Computing degree pathways. Rebecca held a two day training session on Connect and went through our processes with the centre staff based in Swaziland. This session was the perfect opportunity for Rebecca to meet the staff and forge strong relationships with the centre. “I have been working with IDM Swaziland for the past few years. We have had many conversations via email and telephone, whilst I was over there I was able to set up a Skype account for them to create a more convenient form of communication. It was fantastic to be able to meet the centre staff in person. This training session was crucial, and I can already see the positive impact it has had on their administration.”

Rebecca was extremely pleased with the centre’s offerings; providing students with a fantastic environment to complete their studies: “IDM’s facilities are unbelievable, they ensure that students have everything they need to be able to excel in their studies; including free Wi-Fi, well-equipped computer labs and auditoriums. I was extremely impressed; I studied my degree in the UK and some of IDM’s facilities are more sophisticated than the ones I had access too!”

Courage S Makumucha, the Head of Academics at the centre said: “It was really good having Rebecca here and it was worth it, I am actually beginning to see some changes in our operations since the visit.”

To find out more about IDM please visit their website.