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Academic Induction Training at Kolej ASA – 9th March 2023

Antoney Cross, Academic Standards Manager at NCC Education, recently embarked on a visit to Kolej ASA, a newly approved Accredited Partner Centre. This trip offered a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights, provide academic training to the center’s staff, and solidify the bond between NCC Education and Kolej ASA.

During the visit, Antoney conducted academic training on the NCC Education programmes that Kolej ASA has been accredited for, including Level 3 Diploma in Business (L3DB), Level 4 Diploma in Business (L4DB), and Level 5 Diploma in Business (L5DB). Faculty members engaged in open discussions covering essential topics such as NCC Education’s misconduct policy, plagiarism, Turnitin, and Harvard Referencing.

Kolej ASA’s CEO, Ms Chitra, led Antoney on a comprehensive tour of the college, showcasing its state-of-the-art facilities such as classrooms, computer labs, audiovisual labs, the reception area, and faculty members’ rooms. The tour provided an opportunity for NCC Education to assess the centre’s commitment to delivering high-quality education and student support.

Additionally, Antoney engaged in discussions with Mr. Shreedharan Samy, the Director of Kolej ASA, regarding MQA accreditation and the potential of offering NCC Education’s Level 3 International Foundation Diploma for Higher Education Studies (L3IFDHES) programme at the centre.

The visit to Kolej ASA underlined the importance of strong partnerships and collaboration between NCC Education and its Accredited Partner Centres, ensuring the delivery of internationally recognized qualifications that empower students to pursue successful careers in their chosen fields.