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NCC Education announced as finalists in Asian Development Bank 2020 Hackathon

Finalists in Asian Development Bank 2020 Hackathon

NCC Education has been announced as finalists in the Asian Development Bank (ADB) 2020 Hackathon.

The Hackathon challenge aims to explore new education models or solutions, which provide opportunities for enhancing digital skills for workers who have lost their jobs due to the economic crisis, resulting from Covid-19.

It also looks at helping those who wish to strengthen their skillsets to move on to better jobs.

NCC Education identified an opportunity to utilise its extensive expertise and knowledge to develop a range of ‘fundamental’ skills certified by the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Standards Office.

The portfolio, named ‘Fundamentals’ gives insights into evolving and in-demand skills such as Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Data Science, Digital Transformation, and the Internet of Things.

Accessible on any device, the flexibility of these micro-courses enables learners to essentially ‘upskill on the move’.

NCC Education Fundamentals Professional Development Portfolio Manager Iain Kinnear says:

“We are delighted to have been shortlisted for this opportunity with the Asian Development Bank. The support from ADB has been invaluable and will enable us to develop further accessible learning for those in need of upskilling and reskilling in digital areas.

“As we continue to develop the Fundamentals by NCC Education programme, our goal is to provide accessible online learning for hard to reach communities, which has now been recognised in this Hackathon.

“Now we are shortlisted, we have been working with ADB to develop the Fundamentals programme and explore how we can engage learners across the world, even those with low literacy, who will need to acquire basic digital skills for job markets and citizenship services.”

NCC Education General Manager Esther Chesterman says, “We have had tremendous support from ADB and are looking forward to the results with optimism and the further opportunities it presents with upskilling and reskilling cohorts of learners  in the UK, Asia, Africa and beyond.”