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NCC Education launches Fundamental digital skills portfolio

Fundamental Digital Skills Portfolio

NCC Education are delighted to announce the launch of their new Professional Development Portfolio online programme of ‘Fundamentals. 

The suite of learning, ‘Fundamentals by NCC Education’ aims to address the digital skills gaps evident across many different sectors of industry which has witnessed this gap widen since the onset of the pandemic.  

Each course will be CPD accredited and covers the most ‘fundamental’ aspects of learning and gives insights into evolving and highly sought-after skills’ in the following subjects:  

  • Artificial Intelligence  
  • Cloud Computing 
  • Data Science 
  • Digital Transformation   
  • Internet of Things  

Each topic covers four chapters of approximately forty-five minutes of learning 

Designed to be accessible on a range of devices, the flexibility of these micro-courses enables learners to essentially ‘upskill on the move’.  

Fundamentals has been designed with industry experts across the globe to ensure that the most important aspects of these skills are addressed – ready for learners to go onto other courseknowledge-ready.  

It also looks at helping those who wish to strengthen their skillsets to move on to better jobs and improve their salaries 

CPD certificates are recognised around the world and enable learners to continue to upskill as they progress in their career journeys. 

NCC Education Fundamentals Professional Development Portfolio Manager Iain Kinnear says: “NCC Education identified an opportunity to utilise its extensive expertise and knowledge to develop a range of ‘fundamental’ professional skills courses that are CPcertified. 

Undergoing extensive market research in these evolving areas of technology and in-demand skills, we are now pleased to be able to offer the Fundamentals online professional learning portfolio to enable upskilling and reskilling opportunities to individuals and employers alike. 

NCC Education General Manager Esther Chesterman says: “We are delighted this range of certificates has come to fruition and can address the skills gaps in the UK and internationally.  

“We are looking forward to helping learners upskill and working closely with employers to ensure their digital skillsets meet the needs that today’s industry demands. 

For more information please contact fundamentals@nccedu.com