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NCC Education Welcomes Twik Solutions to its Accredited Partner Centre Network

NCC Education are delighted to welcome Twik Solutions to its Accredited Partner Centre network.

Based in Perak, Malaysia the institution will now deliver a range of NCC Education computing qualifications.

The centre was established in 2021 with the vision of providing globally recognised education, that is accessible and affordable for everyone.

Twik Solutions strives to prepare the next generation for further education, the workplace and society.

The centre offers a wide range of programmes from hospitality to management. Twik Solutions keeps the cost of education low so it is accessible to students from all walks of life- not just the elite.

All the teaching staff at the centre are highly qualified, with an advanced degree in their subject areas, in addition to sharing their academic knowledge with students they have a wealth of experience which they have acquired through their fruitful careers.

The centre employs educators full of passion and enthusiasm, offering flexible learning that fosters educator-student interaction.

NCC Education Sales Director, Sheetal Choraria comments,  “On behalf of NCC Education I would like to welcome Twik Solutions to our global network of Accredited Partner Centres.

“Their accreditation status demonstrates that they meet our quality assurance standards and have the infrastructure and experience to deliver our international programmes.

“I would like to wish the staff and students our best wishes and good fortune.”

Twik Solutions Head of Centre, Ronald Loh said, “Twik Solutions chose NCC Education for its impeccable reputation and long history in the education industry.

“Its certifications are well-received globally, in terms of progression to the next level of education or in the job market.”

Twik Solutions are accredited to deliver the following NCC Education qualifications:

For more information, please contact:

Tel: +6016-5433804

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://twiksolutions.com/

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