Validation and Endorsement - NCC Education

Validation and Endorsement

NCC Education offers validation and endorsement services for organisations who wish to strengthen the appeal of their qualifications by having a British Awarding Organisation verify the quality of their awards.


Certificate Endorsement

Certificate endorsement can be offered to current centres or new institutions who require this service. Certificate endorsement can be applied to programmes in the following circumstances:

  • The Programmes’ purpose is Continuing Professional Development and is not required for progression on to a regulated qualification​/university programme
  • The Programmes’ purpose is progression onto an internal qualification



Validation is similar to Certificate endorsement but is to be offered under the following circumstances:

  • Where the programme progresses to a regulated qualification or University progression is required
  • Where credit value is required


If you wish to apply for either of these services, please complete this form and return it with the supporting evidence.

If you are an existing centre, please return it to your Academic Development Manager OR if you are not currently an NCC Education centre, then email it to